1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Is Tammy Slaton’s New Love A Transgendered Woman?

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers suggest that Tammy Slaton has a new love and it could be a transgendered woman. This news comes on the tail end of Tammy explaining to her now ex-boyfriend Jerry Sykes that she was pansexual. Of course, Jerry had no idea what Tammy was talking about so she explained that she would date anyone no matter how they considered themselves.

Tammy Slaton Confused Jerry

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Tammy decided to tell Jerry, while on a lunch date with her sister, Amy Halterman, and brother-in-law Michael Halterman that she was pansexual. Of course, a restaurant is not the most private place to have this conversation and Jerry was clueless as to what she meant. Jerry had no idea that pansexuality was a thing.

However, after Tammy explained, Jerry assured her that it didn’t matter to him. Jerry later returned home to North Carolina and Tammy stated that a part of her died the day he left. Jerry did later come to stay with Tammy while Amy Halterman was in the hospital. Unfortunately, Tammy ended up diagnosed with Covid-19 shortly thereafter.

Did The Breakup With Jerry Prompt Tammy To Seek Help?

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Tammy admits that she and Jerry are taking a break. Of course, this is after the news became public knowledge that Jerry is still married. Jerry’s wife stated that she found out about the affair after watching the show. Jerry clearly has some matters he needs to take care of and Tammy needs to concentrate on herself. Tammy decided after a family intervention, that it was time to go into a nursing facility because she could not lose weight on her own.


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Tammy Slaton Opens Up

1000 lb. Sisters’ Tammy is a huge social media person and recently shared a video of her new love. Tammy’s girlfriend, who goes by the name, Terri Reid, says that people have an issue with trans girls. Apparently, someone stated that she was not pretty and Reid clapped back accusing fans of being mad because she was hot. Tammy certainly seems to be taken with her new love and comments that she is “Looking good” in her tight black dress. Tammy also adds a recording of herself smiling back at her in the dress.

1000 Lb. Sisters’ fans wonder if the nursing facility helped Tammy to lose the weight she needed. Recently there have been negative reports about Tammy and her time there. Is Tammy still in the facility? Has Tammy had her weight loss surgery yet? Hopefully, these questions will be answered soon but fans may have to wait until the next season starts. At least word, there was no definite answer on season three yet.

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