1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Could Be Jealous of Amy Slaton’s Child

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Could Be Jealous of Amy Slaton’s Child1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates tease that we will finally get a chance to see Amy Slaton’s new baby! There has been a lot of talk about how Tammy Slaton seems to be a bit jealous of the new baby though. Could the baby’s birth be taking all of the attention off of Tammy and that is why she has become jealous?

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – The Baby is Here

Amy Slaton and her husband, Michael Halterman welcomed their baby boy, Gage Deon into the world and they were so happy that he was here. He did have some issues with his blood sugar at birth, but the doctors and nurses took him to help out with that. The birth was not easy for Amy, but she is doing better now and is ready to spend time with her son.

Tammy was not able to go to the hospital to meet Gage because of COVID restrictions and it is tough for her to see him just over FaceTime. Amy is glowing and seems so excited about Gage being here, but Tammy’s attitude seems very lackluster.

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Why Is Tammy Jealous?

With a new baby, 1000-lb Sisters cast member Amy and Michael have a lot more to do and keep up with. Does this mean that Tammy won’t get the attention that she wants from her sister and brother-in-law? Will Amy and Michael end up leaving her to fend for herself? Some fans of the show had their own thoughts on the topic.

One fan wrote, “She’s not going to make it on her own.” Another wrote, “Tammy treats them like s**t a lot and she acts like she doesn’t care or want to do it. I hope she can find faith in herself to move forward with the weight loss.” Even Tammy’s boyfriend got to see Gage on the FaceTime chat and he agreed that he is adorable, but Tammy just looks unamused with all of this.

What will happen next for Tammy and Amy? Will all of Amy’s time go to Gage now that he is here? Things aren’t looking good for Tammy.

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