1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Has COVID And Is On Life Support

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Has COVID And Is On Life Support1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates reveal there is very sad news to report: star Tammy Slaton is on life support and fighting for her life. The terrible situation is a result of Tammy contracting COVID-19 diagnosis and having a pre-existing lung condition that is complicating medical matters.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Has Been Diagnosed with COVID

Show producers shared that Tammy Slaton was rushed to an emergency room due to experiencing shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is a hallmark of coronavirus and they have revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19, which is not the news she needed to hear.

The bad news is that Tammy is suffering with a severe case of the infection. The word is that she has been taken from her Kentucky home to a hospital in Indiana. According to Tammy Slaton she feared for her own life when she started gasping for air.

It’s also being said that Tammy almost lost consciousness on the gurney while she was being transported to the out of state hospital.

Family Talks About Fears of Losing Tammy Slaton

She is expected to remain under the care of a team of medical professionals with a tentative release date of two weeks; for now she must be hooked up to an oxygen tank in order to breathe.

1000-lb Sisters spoilers tease Amy Slaton is Tammy’s sister and she legit fears that she could lose her sister. Honestly there are many things working against Tammy in her health battle, including her weight and the fact that Tammy’s diagnosis included pneumonia. It makes sense that with all Tammy must struggle against, that Amy would naturally think the worst.


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1000-lb Sisters Updates: 1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton is on Life Support

Amy Slaton shares that Tammy Slaton was diagnosed with pneumonia before. In that instance she also had to be hooked up to machines to keep her alive. After seeing her sister in the hospital, Amy says Tammy’s doing “really bad” and adds that she isn’t doing good “at all” as Tammy Slaton is connected to an oxygen tank and struggles to breathe.

Amy relays that because her sister is coughing a lot, and she fears her sister’s will have a scary relapse. Is it possible that Tammy’s health could be seriously compromised going forward after all that she has battled; could end up on life support again?

Tammy’s battle with the latest sickness will take time to get over and evidence of this is her continued use of the oxygen tank.

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  1. Johnette says

    Keep on fighting Tammy, we all love you.

  2. Bob says

    Fuck that fat bitch, let her die! Tv star? Really? Y’all are crazy !

  3. Sandy says

    Get well soon Tammy..

  4. Amy says

    Get well soon Tammy

  5. Flora McClure says

    You hang on in there Tammy!

  6. Linda Roach says

    Tammy please feel better. Your struggle is real. Take strength in knowing others wish you well and healing. Food addiction is so hard to finally overcome. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way. Hugs my friend whom I’ve never met. You have a friend in me.

  7. Renee says

    Prayers and gentle hugs may God watch over u and do what he thinks is best for u.
    I hope for the best but ultimately shes in God’s hands and God helps the drs and nurses taking care of Tammy.
    Prayers and gentle hugs for her family I know it’s hard but stay strong and nomatter the outcome God knows what’s best.
    If he chooses to take her remember atleast she’s not suffering anymore and not in pain.
    And if he chooses to save her because it’s not her time to leave yall then this illness just might be what she needs to help her wieghtloss journey happen.
    Just stay possitive but don’t get ur hopes up just pray ask for prayers and except the outcome no matter what it may be.
    Shes in God’s hands and the doctors and nurses.
    May be with you all !!!

  8. Carol Thompson says

    I pray Tammy pull thru this situation because her sister and niece need her in their life. Prayers goes out to her.

    1. Sister in Christ sister hill says

      Lord please look down on Tammy in the name of Jesus she needs u right now I don’t know her but I know u know her and her sickness watch over her in her time of need go down wherever s he’s at and heal her body I know that u can do anything but fail. Give her the right medicine and send her positive ppl in her life the ones that going to pray for her and get a word of prayer through in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

  9. Dorinda says

    Get well soon Tammy!!! May God bless you with a miracle healing ….don’t give up keep fighting cause you have a lot to live for no matter what your struggles are…love ❤ you Tammy…

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