1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Speaks Out, Claims TLC Cannot Fire Her

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Speaks Out, Claims TLC Cannot Fire Her1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers and updates suggest that while most of the cast is not speaking about this season’s ending or rumors. However, Tammy Slaton is not afraid to speak out especially when it comes to rumors about her. What is going on with the cast of 1000 Lb. Sisters?

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton Says What She Thinks

1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton Halterman have a large social media following. The sisters have had a YouTube channel for some time when they post a little bit of everything. Now, Amy has her son to post picture of an keep her followers updated on his progress. Amy is not the one who often interacts with fans. Tammy, on the other hand, often makes videos to respond to fans who ask questions on her social media accounts. Tammy often posts videos and tries to respond to fans questions as they arrive. However, some people may not like the answers that Tammy dishes out in her replies.

Tammy Does Not Hold Back

1000 Lb. Sisters Tammy does not hold back when question get on her nerves. Tammy has spoken out against the show for manipulating scenes that make her seem uncaring. Fans called Tammy out on her reaction to her nephew’s birth because she seemed unemotional. Tammy says she was sick when the scene was shot and simply did not feel good.

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Speaks Out, Claims TLC Cannot Fire Her

Fans also know that shortly thereafter, Tammy ended up in the hospital with Covid-19 as well. Tammy had always seemed to be excited about her nephew. Unfortunately, the affect of Covid make you so sick that it is hard to pay attention to anything, let alone enjoy it. Fans also think that Tammy should be rich. Tammy says the producers are rich, but she is not. However, Tammy refuses to say how much she makes from the show either.

1000-Lb. Sisters Updates – Tammy Slaton Addresses Rumors That She Was Fired

The 1000 Lb. Sister’s star also addressed the rumor that she would not be on the third season of the show. Rumors were swirling that Tammy had been fired and the show was planning to focus on Amy and her family. Tammy claps back says that TLC cannot and would not fire her.

Tammy may be the most outspoke of the two, but fans are also interested in her progress. Tammy says she is a good person and even implies that she may be misunderstood as well. However, she assures fans that she will be on season three, just watch and see.

Tammy is looking forward to the new season and hopes that fans enjoy it. Haters are going to hate but Tammy Slaton seems to have enough fans to keep her right where she is. Hopefully the new season will show Tammy successfully getting the surgery she wants and starting on her journey to a better life.

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  1. B laspee says

    Tammy where there is a will there is a way

  2. Gloria Thomason says

    Hello , this is the second time I have sent in a comment on the thousand pound sisters stories. I enjoy the show very much and I got all the confidence in the world that Tammy will succeed. The more she see she can do the .ore she will do. She may be hard-headed but she wants this for herself.it’s hard to have everyone coming at you once especially when you know you’re overweight and you need help nobody wants to actually help your feelings your feelings are so hurt from the people that are staring the people that are making fun of you and all the blah in the world
    Tammy’s got this she can beat this she could show the world that overweight girls can and will do the things they need to in life to make it better for themselves. Always your friend Gloria Thomason

  3. Kim Mix says

    I’m large women my self. I think it’s very interesting how they put there self out there. It takes courage to do that. Now days if you’re not 120 lb. You fat and all the haters think it’s funny . It’s takes a lot to say no to food. It’s addition like smoking,drinking, drugs. So it hard to stop eating more people make fun of you more you eat. Also all people sees the outside no matter if you’re a good person. I no there alot obese people out there. I hate that word just call me fat. I pray every day Tammy will see the light at the end of the tunnel and don’t give up.

  4. Lace says

    Tammy is ALL ABOUT TAMMY 10000000%%%

  5. Rebecca Rutherford says

    I hope both the 1000 lbs sister’s continue their journey to weight loss and succeed, im looking forward to watch the show….

  6. Myra perry says

    Love the show my granddaugther to she is 6 . I have trouble with my weight but only 230lbs still hard to get off , diabetes
    Good luck & prayers .
    I even looked up where you live .
    I live in Ky , valley station outside of louisville .

  7. Lissa says

    Just about every scene they show Tammy is miserable! I doubt that they are portraying her that way either, she is just unhappy!! She needs to lose the weight , which I’m not judging because I struggle daily and am a larger woman, however she is so unhappy with herself she is miserable ! Her defense mechanism is to be mean and uncaring.. she needs help soon !! I for one am tired if seeing her woe is me attitude

  8. […] Tammy has a lot of issues with her health and has for many years now. This is one of the reasons that she wanted to appear on the show and change her lifestyle and diet. She and her sister just wanted to lose the weight they needed in order to have a gastric bypass surgery. That has always been Tammy’s goal, but with all of the set backs that she has had since COVID-19 began, things just keep pushing her back. […]

  9. […] Tammy legitimately blame her issues on her illnesses or does she at some point have to take responsibility for her part in her weight? […]

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