1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: What Happened During Jerry Sykes’ Visit?

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: What Happened During Jerry Sykes' Visit?1000-Lb Sister spoilers and updates reveal that Tammy Slaton’s boyfriend, Jerry Sykes was very surprised when he got to her home. Some fans are still very confused about this match and want to know why Tammy is still with him. It seems that he does love larger women and some fans think that he is the reason that she continues to gain weight, even though her doctors have warned her that it will be the end of her.

1000-Lb Sister Spoilers – Fans Are Shocked

When fans saw Jerry on the last episode of the show, they were shocked. What was he doing there? It turns out that he wanted to see Baby Gage after Amy Slaton gave birth. It seems that he has gotten pretty close to the family and wanted to show her support.

There is another reason that Tammy called him though. She admits that she is terrified of being left alone. She knew that once 1000-Lb Sister Amy had the baby, she and Michael would be caught up with him, so she called Jerry for moral support. Are we surprised? Not really.

1000-Lb Sister Updates – Why Was Tammy Slaton Surprised?

Tammy mentioned that even though she did call Jerry, she was shocked that he showed up. He knew that she was stressed out about things and wanted to offer her the moral support that she needed. He jumped at the chance to see her again and this is one of the other reasons that some fans think he is a good guy.

Chris Combs has called Jerry out though and he is one of those people that thinks that Jerry enables Tammy to eat more. Chris, 1000-Lb Sister cast member Tammy’s brother, feels that Jerry shows up with unhealthy food and milkshakes for her and is trying to win her heart, but it may not be the best thing for her. No matter what happened, Jerry took the time out of his life to show up for Tammy and support her when she was beginning to think that she was all alone.

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  1. Lucy imbro says

    My thing is I don’t think he’s actually in love with her. Did u see how he acted when he first walked in. The sideways hig u give to someone u don’t really like. Not a kiss just a hug and a pat on the back like what’s up buddy.. smh

  2. Mary Wynn says

    I don’t thk he actually wonts to b wth her I thk he there to c wht he can get like money I thk he serves on big woman bc he feels they r very vulnerable nd emotional nd jus a skinny Lil sumthg nd Tammy needs to help herself nd do more to try nd loose tht weight nd stop eatin all tht greasy foods nd she needs to try nd walk sum I believe nd her nd ima b prayin fa thm both bc I won’t her to loose tht weight so she can feel better especially about herself nd let jerry go especially fa herself bc I don’t won’t to c her die frm tht weight

  3. tonya says

    You people or so negative why because Jerry is black ..People always have something to say no one else would pay her any attention and he did not for money but because he cares about her giving her emotional support let me see some of you all do it…For money are just because your showing genuine support i bet we won’t

  4. As says

    I’m sure this tv show is paying him money to be on it ,he does not look like he has anything else going on for him in his life ,he’s not a handsome movie star ,so there is your answer ,maybe sex uggggggg gross

  5. Darlene Chisholm says

    At first I thought both ladies were not entertaining, as I watched, I remembered
    when I was heavy, not quite that heavy. As I
    watched I began to relate to these two charm
    women, no it’s not pretty but it is life. They are full of life, fun and seemingly understanding
    with each other. I love you both Amy and Michael have fun with your child. Tammy love you also need understanding on a different level. May God bless you and your beautiful families. ❤️

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