Ben Simmons Takes Defensive Lead In NBA

basketball ben simmonsBen Simmons has taken the limelight as the number one defensive player in the NBA. Following the national team ranking and scouting for the best top 5 defensive players, only Ben got that one position for the very first time in his playing career.

Yes, we call him a stellar defender at the moment but that didn’t come cheap. He didn’t climb the ladder as the best defender overnight. He didn’t make just a mere proclamation without an effort. Although he might in the past have envisaged all of this good news happening, he, however, didn’t relax by simply speaking his success into existence.

Ben Simmons worked extra hard for this course. He earned the title. He earned the perfect adjectives used in qualifying him as the best defender. Nonetheless, it all happened on the grounds of the Philadelphia basketball court.

Ben Simmons’ Impressive 2021 Stats

During the mid-dates in February 2021, after an outstanding defense work against Damian Lillard from Portland Kia, Ben said: “It’s not a one-off thing; if you watch me, I’m typically guarding the best player… I feel like I’m the best defender in the NBA”.

Two weeks later, Ben had a similar statement to make. But this time, it was with Dallas Luka Doncic. Although it didn’t matter to Luka who was on him at that time, he shrugged it off. Nevertheless, it mattered to Ben who and who he was supposed to be on.

So, he matched up with everyone that crossed his path. Within minutes, Luka was his target. Ben after the game, said it is nearly a mismatch every time he stepped on the floor of the basketball court.

Common, you’ve got to love this man and give him a piece of cake. Imagine the authority he commands, the positive words he kept repeating over time. And those exact words, “I’m the best defender in the league” eventually, became a reality.

Ben Simmons – All Around NBA Player

If you are talking about versatility in defense, If you seek a player who can lock onto and lockdown almost everyone on the basketball ground, Ben Simmons is your go-to person.

Ben Simmon’s detailed concentration and swift switch on almost 80% of the players at a time is striking. And the pride he takes in playing these roles goes beyond self-advancement. His playing tactics have contributed immensely to the defense and net rating of his home club; Philadelphia.

Surprisingly, other clubs like the Rivers have compared him to a chameleon for his ability to go head-on-head with top opponent scorers.

What do the NBA statistics say?

Corresponding to the statistics, Ben Simmons has been the fundamental defender for his home club. He has been on the opponent scorer eleven times against nine players he considers not as threats. And they include LeBron James, Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell, and Luka Doncic. What more can we say but congratulate him on this new win.

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