Bringing Up Bates Spoilers: Kelly Jo Bates Shares Her Idea of a Perfect Weekend

Bringing Up Bates Spoilers: Kelly Jo Bates Shares Her Idea of a Perfect WeekendBringing Up Bates spoilers and updates reveal on her Instagram page, Kelly Jo Bates is giving fans a peek into how she spent her weekend. She seemed to enjoy herself, and she wants to let fans in on the joy she’s feeling. Of course, fans love her new post and they’re sending lots of love her way too.

Kelly Jo Bates spends weekend with granddaughters

In her latest Instagram post, Kelly shared a few photos of her newest granddaughter, Maci. Maci is about a month old but is already growing fast. The last photo in her post is of her with all four of Alyssa and John Webster’s daughters.

Kelly sweetly writes, “My idea of a perfect weekend ❤️… so happy to get a peek at Alyssa & John’s new house. There may have been boxes in every room (but very organized with Alyssa near by!) and pallets to sleep in and long work hours for John & Alyssa as they moved out of the old house and began unpacking the new one, but holding this angel was just the job I needed!!!”

Bringing Up Bates Spoilers: Kelly Jo Bates Shares Her Idea of a Perfect Weekend

Since Kelly left Florida, she already wants to go back and be with her family again. She continues, “I’m already missing these kids and I’m just barely to the airport! I’m so impressed (as usual) by their manners and by Alyssa’s talent for managing so many tasks so well and by John’s relentless devotion to late hours of renovating, moving, and on and on! (And Katie is a baby whisperer herself and when the days got long, she knew exactly how to cheer everyone up with a door dash delivery 😂😍)”

In response to her post, fans are talking about just how cute the little girls are. They love getting to see pictures of the kids, and they’re glad that Kelly got to spend some quality time with them. She doesn’t get to see them too often because of the distance.

Get to know John and Alyssa Webster’s family

The kids featured in Kelly’s latest post are John and Alyssa’s kids. The couple shares four daughters, Allie, Lexi, Zoey, and Maci. They currently live in Florida, so they don’t always have help from their family in Tennesee. Of course, their family pitches in to help whenever they can. The rest of the Bates family seems to adore the little girls.

The Websters are currently in the process of moving and renovating their new home, though they are staying in Florida. This is a big task, but they’re working hard to get it done. They’re missing their old home but are excited for the new memories to come.

In addition to Kelly heading to Florida to visit the Websters, several other family members have been there to help. Alyssa shared in a YouTube video that her brothers came to “save the day” while renovating their new home. Katie, Callie, and Addee also spent time in Florida to help.

Hopefully, Kelly will get to go back and visit her sweet granddaughters again soon. Bringing Up Bates Fans are eager to see more pictures of Kelly with her grandkids. It’s obvious she treasures every moment with them.

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