Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: Witney Carson Gave Birth To Her Son While Battling Covid-19

Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: Witney Carson Gave Birth To Her Son While Battling Covid-19Dancing With The Stars spoilers and updates tease recently, Witney Capri Carson, the 27-year-old American professional Latin ballroom dancer, and Choreographer made a confession on Instagram. She told her fans that she gave birth to her first son Leo while battling with the deadly Covid virus. In this Q & A session, She also mentioned that her husband, Carson McAllister was infected with the virus.

Dancing With The Stars Spoilers – The Trauma

The period of giving birth was the hardest time for the young mother as she labored for 24 hours before pushing for another 2 and half hours. During this crucial period of Dancing With The Stars Witney Carson’s life, she posted on her Instagram how she looked forward to having her baby in her arms. ‘I pushed for two and a half hours. I was fully dilated and the baby just did not want to come out,’

According to the medical professionals, Leo was ‘stuck underneath her pelvis,’ which caused his heart to raise, prompting an emergency C-section. C-section was the last thing she imagined for what she thought would be a simple delivery.

The Birth

Baby Kevin Leo was eventually brought into the world through a C-section. The family could not contain the excitement of their new child and released footage of them leaving the hospital on the 7th of January.

‘We’re so glad he’s healthy.’  Dancing With The Stars pro Witney remarked about her first child. She further revealed how the labor experience was not like she had thought. According to Witney, it had come to her as a shock when the scenario was not playing out the way she imagined.

Witney had believed she would recover and bounce back in a short time but the postpartum took a toll on her. She recounted an experience when the nurses pulled her out of the bed and she thought she ‘would never recover from this.’

Dancing With The Stars Updates – Still In Diapers

Witney made a comment two weeks after on how she was still stuck in ‘diapers’ after delivery. She complimented women for their bravery in housing another life and the courage in bringing children into the world. In her words, ‘Our bodies are truly amazing… here’s to the women!’

Speaking about her husband, ‘my husband has been especially amazing!’ She recounted experiences of how McAllister had stayed with her through the ‘hardest’ moments of her life.

DWTS spoilers tease Witney Carson and her husband realized they were going to have a child last year, July and the couple could not resist sharing it with the world. Later in November, she celebrated her baby shower before the labor drama in Utah.

She caught the virus sometime around last year and both she and her husband transferred the Covid-19 to the baby’s grandparents during Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, Witney lamented that the grandparents could not welcome their grandson, Kevin Leo properly because they were in quarantine and could only see him through a window.

Safe At Last

However, the event of their child’s successful birth remains a blissful moment for McAllister and Witney who commented on how the experience they shared made her husband more attractive and brought them closer than ever before.

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