Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Witney Carson Struggling With Her Body Post Pregnancy

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Witney Carson Struggling With Her Body Post PregnancyWitney Carson from Dancing with the Stars opened up on her tussle with her post-pregnancy body. It’s not been easy dealing with this new body; she confessed to fans.

Spoilers from Dancing With the Stars’: Whitney Carson Struggling With Her Body Post Pregnancy

In a recent post, she made on her social media page, Whitney Carson was honest with the way she felt about her post-pregnancy body. In the Instagram photo, we see her adorned in gym wear and her facial expressions seemed like she was in deep thought. In her words with a caption on the picture, “progress not perfection. Being a dancer growing up and throughout adulthood (especially throughout adulthood) I’ve always been self-conscious about my weight and how I look”.

In an Interview after Delivery

Remember in a previous interview, Whitney said her delivery day was the toughest in her life. She went in with high hopes believing she would have a great birth. She thought she would have a quick recovery and bounce back like nothing ever happened. However, her recent self is the complete opposite of what she had envisaged.

Witney Carson on Self Determination

Well, for us we think it is only inherent for Whitney Carson to feel concerned about her weight and appearance considering she just brought forth a wonderful creature into the world. It is natural for her to miss her former shape after all she is a professional dancer with an amazing body tone and weight.

Dancing with the Stars break surely did some good to her in terms of pregnancy, but fans and followers of the show are scared to their marrows if a delayed bounce back to her original body shape won’t cause any mental challenge to Witney. While this is a thing of concern to fans of the Dancing with the Stars show, Whitney Carson has made it a mission to get back on track with her original shape.

Excerpts from her Instagram Post

Whitney captioned a photo on Instagram and wrote that she has been struggling with many things recently and that is the reason she has been hesitant to post her post-pregnancy pictures. She further said that she wasn’t enthusiastic about her post-pregnancy looks and the thought was saddening and suffocating. However, she is learning to celebrate her body the way it appears now and celebrate the minute successes to a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Fans of Dancing with the Stars show has some soothing words for Whitney Carson

Fans of the show have collectively aired their views and advised Whitney not to be too hard on herself. Moreover, there were complications during childbirth that she had to undergo an emergency Cesarean section. The scars of the C-section shouldn’t bother her a bit because they are beautiful scars to show for motherhood.

Witney Carson and the little wonderful gift she brought forth to the world are healthy; that for her and fans should be a consolation prize. Besides, she should be more focused on solving the challenges with having a child to cater for rather than getting all worked up in bouncing back to normal shape as soon as possible.

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