General Hospital Spoilers: GH Headwriters Weigh In On Nina’s Possible Revenge Plot

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Headwriters Weigh In On Nina’s Possible Revenge PlotGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates reveal in the recent episode of GH Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) come face to face with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), who now comes by the name Mike because of his amnesia.

Given his current condition, Sonny has no idea who Nina is. He wants to get to know her, maybe because he’s been dreaming of a blonde woman, and Nina can simply lie about her true identity. The unexpected encounter has placed her in the best position to take revenge on Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) whom she holds responsible for her daughter’s, Nelle Benson-Jerome (Chloe Lanier), death.

General Hospital Spoilers – Keeping Sonny Corinthos’ Whereabouts A Secret

There’s a lot of possibilities. She may not tell anyone, especially Carly, that she found Sonny. Keeping Carly’s husband away from her is revenge enough for the death of her daughter. But is that all Nina’s capable of? Anything can happen when it comes to soaps. She can use her discovery of Sonny to hurt Carly in many ways and that includes sleeping with him. But will she go that far?

GH fans may recall that the Mob kingpin, who at the moment can’t remember his past, has started to dream about a blonde woman. Nina can easily use this to her advantage. Given that she and Carly are both blondes, she may try to use this as an opportunity to seduce Sonny. She may take pleasure knowing that she managed to take the man that Carly loves the most.

Will Nina cross that line? Seducing someone who knows what he’s doing is a lot different from taking advantage of a person who has amnesia and not mentally healthy to make that decision. Not to mention that the person is married to someone else. Nina’s character has evolved and improved. Taking her revenge against Carly too far will push her back to her former, worse self. Back to the state where she’s capable of kidnapping and faking paralysis.

General Hospital Updates –  Headwriters Weigh In

“General Hospital’s” co-headwriters Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten weighed in this possible revenge plot. O’Conner emphasized Nina’s efforts to change for the better and that “she is far stronger than some people give her credit for.” This could mean that her character won’t take her revenge too far.

However, Van Etten sang a different tune than O’Connor. He opened up the possibility of Nina making poor decisions given that she’s under stress at the moment. Does this mean she’ll make Sonny her lover? If she does, it’ll spell disaster not only for Carly but for her, as well.

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  1. Sungal says

    She should call Michael and become a hero…tell him where Sonny. is…if she does not…then she willprobably never see him again.,l,dumb girl… forget Carley…just tell Michael……he will,let her have Wiley anytime.l.if she doesn’t she will lose. And she should.l.toooo much sadness in this show…l

    1. Josie says

      Sungal, I agree Nina should not keep this secret, if Carly didn’t listen tell Michael so at least it will open a door to her seeing Wiley….. Bring Sonny home Nina, so Carly can see that you can be a good person….
      Carly needs Sonny……

  2. Ruby says

    Thing to do call Michael!!!!

  3. Nancy Ann Kellar Johnson says

    I think the story line is going to show Nina’s true colors and keep the Sonny secret for awhile. This will show her that her rotten daughter Nell did not fall far from the tree. She is playing such a cry baby when it comes to defending Nell, but she has to realize that she made her…. and forgive Carly and Jax and move on. Take Sonny home and ease into playing Grandma and be grateful for what she has. Half of her family is cracked. What mixes me up is if Nell gave Joss her kidney and she actually isn’t family to her, how did Jax know to go to that idiot step father for the kidney?

  4. Anne Lyons says

    If the writers move forward with this absolutely ridiculous stinking story they’re going to lose MORE viewers!!!! You’ve already lost plenty, it’s Definitely time to END THIS STORY

  5. Edna Harris says

    Carly will destroy Nina and yes she should call Michael and tell him because if she doesn’t she will never see her grandson and that will good for her

  6. Michaele Benjamin says

    Get Michelle Stafford back so that the role is properly played. I’ve been watching GH since Audrey Hardy came bqck from Viietnam and have never wanted otfast forward, however with thue current “Nina” I’ve come very close to do so

  7. lbc says

    We all know if Sonny/Nina sleep together a miracle pregnancy will probably result for Nina. But, we have been there and done that with Ava and things still aren’t working out well between Ava/Sonny. I hope writers skip a one nighter with Sonny/Nina as it isn’t needed. It would be bad enough if Nina kept it to herself that Sonny was alive as viewers also know that in the end, Nina’s so called revenge will blow up in her face one way or another.

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