LeBron James Ditching NBA for NFL?

lebron james 2021 footballLos Angeles Lakers small forward LeBron James has never had a problem criticizing the hand that feeds him. His most recent complaint was about having to play in Sunday’s All Star Game.

Apparently the fans wanted to see him play about as much as he wanted to play; the All-Star game got obliterated in the ratings by Oprah Winfrey’s cry fest with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Now someone thinks they have a way to help Bron-Bron out of his misery–by pulling him from the NBA and plucking down in the NFL.

NBA News: Greg Olsen has an Offer for King James

Three-time NFL Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen told Colin Cowherd that he could transform The Chosen One from a basketball god into a football titan, easy peasy. According to Olsen, who went on The Colin Cowherd Podcast on Monday, all it would take is 12 months of coaching, and then LeBron could start bragging about being the GOAT in yet another pro sport.

Oh and by the way, the same offer goes for LA native and Washington Wizards point guard Russell Westbrook as well.

Olsen told Cowherd, “If I could coach LeBron James for one year, I could make him an All-Pro wide receiver,” Olsen said. “There’s no question in my mind.” There is probably no question in James’ mind either, but make that 6 months, not 12.  He added, “I could turn Russell Westbrook into an All-Pro free safety.”

NBA News: LeBron James the GOAT in Two Sports?

According to Olsen, many NBA players, these two in particular, are so talented they could make the switch no problem.

“There’s a handful of those guys that could make the transition just because they are so unique,” Olsen said. “But there’s few and far between those guys.”

To be fair, LeBron did play football in high school for St. Vincent-St. Mary’s football team and Olsen is not the first to claim that James could have played in the NFL.

NBA News: The All-Star Game Ratings Tanked Against Oprah Winfrey’s Interview with Harry and Meghan

LeBron raised more eyebrows over the weekend after announcing that he won’t disclose if he plans to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The NBA is hoping that inoculations will help make the remainder of the season safer, with several games already having to be postponed due to players testing positive. Way to be a team player, LeBron.

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