Married At First Sight Spoilers: MAFS Fans Annoyed With Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that most MAFS fans know Jamie Otis from the very first season of Married at First Sight, but what she doesn’t talk about very often, is that she was also a contestant on the sixteenth season of The Bachelor. Although it didn’t work out for Jamie on The Bachelor, she did meet her husband, Doug Hehner, on MAFS. Since then, Jamie has hosted Married at First Sight: Unfiltered as well.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – What Is It That Annoys MAFS Fans?

One thing that annoys fans is that Jamie constantly brings up the fact that she wasn’t attracted to Doug when she first met him. We’ve all heard it before, and some fans find it harsh for her to continue bringing it up over and over again.

Jamie has really become a face of MAFS and fans say they have seen enough of her, they feel like she is trying to be the face of the show and think they should rotate her with other MAFS alums, and “her efforts come across as disingenuous. She’s not a bad person by any means. She’s beautiful and I’ll say she’s absolutely hard working. But she’s not genuine and I think people can see right through it.”

Married At First Sight Unfiltered: Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis Is An Enthusiastic Hard Worker

Say what you want about Jamie, but she is brave and a hard, dedicated worker. She is enthusiastic and the thing that is great about her hosting Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, is that she has been in their shoes. Although, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rotate hosts. I wouldn’t mind seeing Amani Smith, Amelia Fatsi, or Jessica Studer.

One brave thing that Jamie did, that a lot of people would never do, is posting a raw unfiltered photo of herself on social media. Jamie was six months pregnant and wearing what she called a “granny bra.” Who does that?

Married At First Sight Updates – There Is More To Jamie Otis Than Meets The Eye

Judging a book by its cover is never a good thing. There is much more to Jamie than The Bachelor and Married At First Sight. Jamie was a certified foster parent, gained custody of her siblings when she was in college, she is super frugal, she was the first lady in her family to graduate from high school, she has ADD, has no idea who her dad is, she is a registered nurse and she always dreamed to be a TV host. There is definitely a lot packed into Jamie Otis.

What do you think of Jamie? Are you a fan, do you think she is doing a good job on MAFS?

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