My 600-lb Life Life Spoilers: What Happened to Sean Milliken?

My 600-lb Life Life Spoilers: What Happened to Sean Miliken?My 600-lb Life spoilers and updates show fans of the show all about what has happened to previous cast members. One of these cast members is Sean Milliken. He became a fan favorite during his season and now, many viewers are curious about what happened to him after his season and if he was able to keep the weight off.

My 600-lb Life Spoilers – His Weight Loss Journey

When Sean began his journey with the show, he was weighing about 900 pounds. He couldn’t move around his own home and was in constant need of the help of others. When he first appeared on the show, many viewers were scared for his health because of his weight. When he started the program, he felt as if things just added up against him.

His doctors were very proud of him when he began to lose weight and focus on his diet. It was certain that he wanted to lose the weight and he was determined to do so. Part of the weight loss journey is losing enough weight to qualify for the weight-loss surgery and he did this after losing weight very quickly. Doctors just knew that he was one of the most devoted cast members on the show.

Sean Puts In The Work

When you weigh close to 1,000 pounds, it can be incredibly tough to lose the extra weight. Sean was able to drop hundreds of pounds and then he began to walk again! Fans of My 600-Lb Life were excited to see this big step for him. All of this hard work was all pushed to the side when his mother passed away in 2018. He was heartbroken and his life began to go downhill after this.

My 600-lb Life Updates – The Tragedies in His Life

My 600-lb Life cast member Sean’s mother meant the world to him. She was one of the only people that had the faith in him for losing the weight hatt he needed to. When she died, it crushed his world and his motivation. He also ended up moving out of the home they shared together and it felt like everything was caving in on him.

In 2019, TLC announced that he died in the hospital in February. The doctors said that his death was from complications of an infection that he had fallen ill with. This is one of the most tragic stories from My 600-Lb Life and we will always keep Sean in our thoughts.

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