NBA Dynasty Cookies: Oreo Releases Six Team Logos

basketball oreos nba dynasty cookiesBasketball Oreos have arrived!  Speaking about the National Basketball Association Dynasty Oreo, the NBA on Wednesday made it known to the public that it has partnered with Mondelez International for a new edition of cookies.

According to the announcement, the newest cookies are set to be released nationwide at a later date fixed for this month. The cookies will be designed with six NBA’s team logos and surely will find their way into the shelves of the international supermarkets.

Some Of The Greatest Clubs

The six National Basketball Association team logos that would be imprinted on the cookies include Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Miami Heat. Following the history lane of the NBA, these six teams are some of the greatest dynasties and we believe these logos will rightly fit into the cookies wrappers.

Chicago Bulls

Founded on January 16, 1966, and had their first game in the 1966-1967 NBA seasons. The American professional basketball players based in Chicago play in the NBA as members of the eastern conference central division.

Boston Celtics Basketball Oreos

Been in existence since the 1946’s the team is regarded as one of the most victorious teams in the NBA. They are also a member of the leagues Eastern Conference Atlantic Division.

Los Angeles Lakers Cookies

They are a set of professional basketball teams based in LA. One time referred to as Minneapolis Lakers from 1947-1960, the team became its current name since the 1960s. They compete in the NBA league as members of the Western Conference Pacific Division.

Golden State Warriors

Blessed with warriors from the San Francisco part of the United States, the American Professional players have been warming our hearts from its founding years since 1946. They are members of the league’s Western Conference Pacific Division.

San Antonio Spurs

Based in San Antonio, the Spurs have changed their name from Dallas Chaparrals, Texas Chaparrals, into the current one and have maintained the current name since 1976. Just like the other counterparts, the spurs compete in the NBA as members of the Western Conference Southwest Division.

Miami Heat

Resident within the confinement of Miami, the team has won three National Basketball Association Championships since 1988. They currently play in the NBA as members of the league’s Eastern Conference Southeast Division.

Basketball Oreos Announcement Continued

The announcement further stated that the two companies teased a “taste greatness” sweepstakes to participants and will be launching that on March 29, 2021. When a winner emerges, they have a chance to receive a grand prize NBA– Star VIP experience in the coming year, 2022.

The International associate director of scale consumer and retail engagement; Rachel Lawson also said that asides from Chips Ahoy, belVita, Nutter Butter, Sour Patch Kids, Trident, and Ritz Crackers from the Mondelez brands, Mondelez International will be adding other products and promotions alongside during the NBA leagues.

She further spoke in her statement that they were elated to partner with the National Basketball Association as the two parties have a shared commitment to bringing people together and building communities. In other words, she said, “through this partnership, we will create moments across our brand portfolio that unite all NBA enthusiasts – from teammates, coaches, families, to our esteemed fans”.

Sweetly, the good news about this is that Mondelez International will not only be in partnering with just the NBA but the entire WNBA, NBA G League, NBA 2K League, and USA Basketball will all take a part in it.

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