Robyn Brown An Outcast – Sister Wives Secretly Hate Her?

robyn brown sister wivesSister Wives’ Robyn Brown seems plagued by feelings of hatred and sabotage. Do the Sister Wives secretly want to get rid of Robyn? Could they feel that bringing Robyn into the family has disrupted their lives to the point of no repair?

Robyn Brown Forced A Change In Sister Wives Dynamics

Before Robyn joined the Brown family, Kody Brown, and his three wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown all lived in one house in Levi, Utah. When Kody decided to add a new wife, he decided to let TLC tell the story of his family.

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown was under investigation for polygamy already and adding Robyn to the mix only added more suspicion. Could the other Sister Wives hold this against Robyn since her addition precipitated their move to Las Vegas?

Robyn Brown’s Huge Wedding Celebration Didn’t Help

Sister Wives Kody and Meri brought up the particular ways additional marriages are celebrated in their culture as well. Janelle and Christine had a very small celebration when they came into the family unlike Robyn’s huge wedding and reception. Christine also talked about everything that changed once Robyn came into the family.

Robyn says she fell in love with the culture but yet she changed a lot when of their dynamics when she joined the family as well. Robyn had the nerve to question Kody’s decisions which stunned Christine. The mere fact that Kody listens to Robyn and often gives in to her ideas adds to the jealousy. There have been times that Robyn wonders if any of the Sister Wives like her.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Is Admittedly Jealous

Sister Wives Christine admits to her jealousy issues with all the wives. However, Christine is very jealous of Robyn and always has been. However, this could easily stem from the fact that Christine was pregnant when Kody was courting Robyn Brown and felt neglected by Kody.

The fact that Kody Brown seems to favor Robyn among all the other sister wives certainly does not help. Could Kody be the reason that Christine is so jealous of Robyn? After all, Christine said it bothered her that Kody never showered at her house when she shared a house with the other three wives. There seems to have been issues with every wife because of Robyn and Kody’s marriage and now that she’s the legal wife, it only gets worse.

Do the Sister Wives hate Robyn or is it simply jealousy caused by Kody’s favoritism? Will the Brown family survive as a unit? Will Robyn end up as Kody’s only wife as well as his only legal wife? Is Robyn right to believe the other wives hate her?

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