Royal Family News: Prince William’s Response to Reporters Was Stunning

Royal Family News: Prince William's Response to Reporters Was StunningBritish royal family news divulges that when Prince William, Duke of Cambridge responded to a reporter’s shouted questions about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey he probably breached royal protocol. But protocol be damned apparently after the two dragged his entire family, starting with his wife Kate, in the mud and then hung them out to dry.

On Thursday Prince William answered a reporter who shouted two questions while he and Kate Middleton were visiting a London school.

Royal Family News: Prince William Was the Picture of Calm

“We are very much not a racist family,” William told the reporter, adding that, “I haven’t spoken to [Harry] yet, but I will.”

Royal watcher Katie Nicholl told ET that what he said and how he said it is surprising and significant. For one thing, according to Nicholl it’s rare that any member of the royal family responds to a reporter in such an impromptu fashion.

Apparently it’s typically seen as disrespectful for the media in the United Kingdom to shout questions out to the royal family while they’re on engagements. But she notes that this has been happening more following Meghan and Harry’s down and dirty tell-all interview.

Royal Family News: What Happens Next for The Royals?

She noted, “It was very unusual for Prince William to answer. I mean, Prince Charles was on an engagement earlier this week, and a member of the press called out …[and] Prince Charles didn’t comment — [but] William did.”

“He answered not once, but twice. I think that’s very telling of his mood at the moment.”

Nicholl said William is, “a consummate professional when it comes to being on engagements.”

“He’s done this for a very long time and I think he was probably very prepared for a question to be asked,” she adds. “His answer was pretty to the point, it was pretty swift, it was very much off-the-cuff.”

Yet she emphasized how rare it is that a royal would do such a thing.

Royal Family News: Did William Breach Protocol?

“The fact that he answered two questions was really very, very unusual. I think highly significant,” Nicholl said, saying that she’s been told by sources close to William that he is, “beyond livid over [Meghan and Harry’s] interview.”

“I think he wanted the chance to say something … He feels that he has to defend his family, and that’s what he did today.”

Both brothers have admitted that they’ve not spoken in recent days, and Nicholl doesn’t expect them to fix their brotherly bond overnight.

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  1. Diogu Diogu says

    This reporter shows how unprofessional and biased the British press is. She describes Harry and Meghan’s interview as down and dirty, as dragging Williams, family to the mud but Williams response as professional and elegant. She describes Harry as a stranger to the socalled Royal Family and Williams as family. I will remind her that Harry and William are brothers, which fits the definition of family.

  2. Cheryl Celone says

    Very accurate and well said.

  3. Deb S says

    I don’t know why anyone would care what they had to say. Stirred up a ton of crap and booking about everything. Harry and Megan are not being truthful. They brought their woes on themselves and now need to pay the piper.

  4. Virginia says

    Megan Markle is a trouble maker. Using Harry’s love for his Mother, Diana, to exploit Harry’s feelings for his Mother, the Royal family and his son. She thought she would spend a Little time in England, grab all she could, including her HRH title, head back to the United States, make millions off of her connection to the royal family, and “thumb her nose” at the family that had been so good to her. A beautiful wedding, her Mother treated like royalty also, and Prince Charles walking her down the aisle in place of her own father. Gave them a Beautiful home with $3 million dollars worth of improvements. What Megan didn’t like was walking behind William and Kate – as Royal protocol implies. She didn’t like “bringing up the rear” – so to speak. Her ego was too great to accept that. So in order to justify her hateful actions, tearing Harry and his son away from his family — she goes on Oprah’s show and trashes the very family that took her in. She is a POS!!! Harry has, by agreeing to trash his family on TV, has literally and figuratively put himself out on a limb and completely sawed it off!!!!!
    Good luck and best wishes to them all because now there will be two children involved that may never get to know their British family and royal roots. Very sad for all.
    Megan Markle had caused all of this and she should be deeply ashamed of herself.
    She is a little girl of mixed race that married a Prince. But that was not good enough for her she needed to destroy the Prince’s family in order to make herself feel better.
    Megan Markle was uneducated by Royal standards, out classed, unsophisticated and did not fit in — and she knew it!!!!

  5. […] Royal Family News: Prince William’s Response to Reporters Was Stunning […]

  6. Anthony says

    What motivates someone that has everything to turn away on it all then condemn those that have been there for him all his born days. Always thought from little I read Harry was the tough one the playboy the military leader guess he’s just a wussy letting this lying sack of a wife dictate to him and call it love of each other. She despises her own family hasn’t talked to her father in ages nor her step sister both who claim she’s a bitch and a liar. So why should Harry have a relationship with his family what the hell Markle says, I have none why should you see I fixed it very easily for you love my good friend Oprah made it all come together. Such little bitch didn’t even know Oprah or Elton John but invited them to her wedding needs to feel important at any cost.

  7. R says

    A big stirrer of the pot……a real trouble maker. Very insecure. I’m really disappointed in Harry
    . He must be p,,,,, Whipped.
    Please Harry come back to your sweet caring self and show love and appreciation for your classy family.
    Ophra must be proud to help stir up all this controversy.

  8. RMarie Cade says

    Ian very hurt by the comments left in this forum. Who are you all to judge another. Were you present? No one can force someone else to do something. Harry has visibly expressed his dislike of some of the royal protocals long before Megan. He supported his family like we all should but at some point t each of us will take a stand. In every family I know you have a member who speaks their mind who speaks outlandish remarks. And often speak what everyone else in the family feels. You do not know if this happened to Megan and Harry. In Oprah’s interviews Harry did not have to confirm the allegations Megan made. The queen dis not have to have the dignity to find express to the world that their may be truth or misunderstanding in what Megan said. And yet no one questions here why the Institution refused to Harry not his wife or Archies protection. He is still part of the family and for a criminal a target. Yet you put the blame on Megan you call her less than. Do you know her? Do you know Harry? Let me say family is messy and whether I feel it was right or wrong to air out family matters is not the point. The reality is Megan vocalized The points that princess Diana vocalized much quieter and she was killed for it. Maybe not by the institution maybe by the press or followers of the institution but she was still killed. And then protection of Harry their child and yes even Megan I don’t think they had a choice but to find protection by being visible. I wish there was another way they could’ve handled their family business within their family business. But no one here can say Megan was right or wrong or Harry was right or wrong or whether the institution was right or wrong because we were not there. I can’t say my whole family isn’t racist because I don’t know the hearts and I’m not in the hearts of every person in my family. And that’s the truth. I love the Royals I love Megan and hairy and I believe that there’s a way that they can be a family even while being separated. I saw Megan with great dignity saying that her in-laws were good people maybe the institution that they serve has flaws. I don’t know one company in the world that doesn’t have flaws.

  9. Elizabeth says

    Virginia – can I respond to your answer? Why would you point out Megan as being mixed race , if you were not intrinsically prejudice of her race ?
    Quote by you : “ She is a little girl of mixed race that married a prince . Wasn’t that good enough for her …….”

    1. Bob says

      I think it was the Duchess that raised the race issue first.

  10. Janice Bryson says

    Meghan Markle is a manipulative narcissist and a bad influence on Harry. She knows that standard protocol is that the Royal family does not air personal matters in the public forum, and therefore, they would not directly respond to her unfair criticism of them. It was her responsibility to know what she was getting into when she married into the Royal family. I don’t bet she ever had any intention of becoming a valuable member of the Royal family. She has used that whole association as a stepping stone. Harry will get stepped on himself eventually

  11. Diane says

    Megan Markle researched Princess Diana and is trying to become a legacy like Diana in a very short time. She even dresses like her. She did an interview as Diana did. I believe she has serious issues and is dragging Harry down with her. Pretty soon she will turn on Harry. If I could post a pic on here of the similarities between what Diana wore and how Megan has copied her I would. Look it up. It’s creepy

  12. Katherine Bond says

    The royal family was very lucky to have Megan agree to join this “family”. How many girls had loved Harry before Megan entered his world? Each of these previous relationships ended simply because they knew what it would be like living in Harry’s “family”! They were English and well aware of the good life they would loose if they married Harry. Megan fell deeply in love with Harry but was not totally aware of all she would give up for this love. Megan was long before Harry a true humanitarian. She had traveled to Africa several times. She assisted in drilling for clear water for several villages. Megan also traveled several times to India educating young women about their bodies and providing ways they could continue school during their monthly periods. This had caused them to stop school permanently. Megan’s work goes on and on. She is wealth from her own self earned self made person.
    She loves Harry as he loves her because they have so much in common. They did not need to take money from the tax payers of the English poor as the “Royals” do. My guess is after the death of the queen there will be no more Royals in England. Everyone knows the next King is responsible for the death of Diana, the people’s Princess. Do you believe the people will support he and Camilla as King and Queen? It is beyond my imagination! Harry was fortunate to find the love of his life ( unlike his brother who took 8 yrs to decide to marry Kate)! Clearly Kate and William are living the life demanded.
    This is not the life of freedom Harry speaks about. From what I have read William is far from the perfect husband, father or person. Harry I have no doubt will always be faithful to Megan.
    I have listened to hundreds of people in England and included are several Famous Americans living in England. These people confirm very clearly the unique way English press has treated Megan and all people of color in your Sadly referred to as “ROYAL” ENGLAND,

  13. Lori says

    Who really cares, no one knows exactly what has been done to the family but them!
    It’s their business, their lives! No one should be judging them. It sure can’t be easy living that lifestyle.
    Their doing what’s best for their family, living without the craziness of Royalty!
    God Bless them!

  14. Deborah says

    Megan set out in that interview to make trouble for the Royal Family and I believe all she actually succeeded in doing was harming her husband, her son, and her unborn daughter. And during the whole interview, she seemed to be very pleased with herself. I think her plan was to get the American people to feel sorry for the way she and Harry were quote unquote treated by the Royal Family and all she succeeded in doing was proving what a liar she really is and prove why she shouldn’t be a Royal at all. She has no class and it showed over and over throughout the interview. And she has succeeded in causing all these bad feelings between Harry and his brother, Prince William, the man who will be King. If the truth be known, Megan is jealous of the fact that William and Kate are going to be King and Queen and she and Harry will be brother and sister-in-law to the King and Queen! Her father-in-law isn’t even going to be King, but you don’t see him blowing up the whole family over it. Harry would do well to wait until his daughter is born then pack her and little Archie up and take them back home to England and let Megan live her classless life in Canada or California and be done with her!

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