Royal Family News: Ten Aides Coming Forward To Testify Against Meghan Markle In Bullying Investigation

oyal Family News: Ten Aides Coming Forward To Testify Against Meghan Markle In Bullying InvestigationBritish Royal family news reveals there are new reports that say ten aides have so far come forward to testify against Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex in Buckingham Palace’s investigation into whether or not Prince Harry’s wife bullied her staff while she was still a full-time working member of the royal family. In fact, there have been some reports that allege Meghan reduced one staff member to tears and was so difficult to work with that two others quit their jobs. Here’s what you need to know.

Ten Aides Coming Forward To Testify Against Meghan Markle In Bullying Investigation

While Meghan Markle has made it quite clear that she thinks this is nothing more than a calculated smear campaign made against her because of her upcoming tell-all interview with Oprah, it looks like ten aides are willing to tell their side of the story and what had actually happened behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace.

This all began when London’s The Times paper reported that several aides have already come forward to speak out against Meghan and her bullying. It’s also been noted that things got so bad that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s former press secretary Jason Knauf had to file an HR report about the incidents back in 2018.

And now staffers who were once considered “hugely professional and proud of their efforts” are speaking out. One source told The Mirror, “A group of people are queuing up to be involved. They have been silent for too long and there is much to talk about.”

If that weren’t enough, the Daily Mail’s royal correspondent Rebecca English recently wrote that she saw Meghan Markle apparently ‘hiss’ at a staff member during her and Prince Harry’s royal tour of Fiji back in 2018.

British Royal News: Did Meghan Hiss At An Aide?

She wrote, “I witnessed Meghan turn and ‘hiss’ at a member of her entourage, clearly incandescent with rage about something, and demand to leave. I later saw that same—female—highly distressed member of staff sitting in an official car, with tears running down her face. Our eyes met and she lowered hers, humiliation etched on her features.”

While Buckingham Palace has responded to these claims by ordering a full investigation, reports say both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be cooperating with the palace on any level.

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  1. Cheryl says

    Meghan is a POS NIGHTMARE. Not Royal in any way.

  2. L. Schue says

    I believe the staff members. I think Meghan thinks she is bigger and better than she is. Harry is an idiot who desperately wanted to be married and she took advantage of that. She is an opportunist through and through. She ought to stop smiling at the cameras and look at her husband. Does he ever look happy? I think not except when he is expected to.

  3. Judy says

    She is a disgrace, no class at all and has done a great job tearing apart Harry from his family. She may try to dress the part of a Royal, but the appearance clearly does not make her Royal. Harry has lost so much that he worked so hard for and is losing his family. Now is the time with his growing family that family should be together and loving and watching his children grow.

  4. Kay Zambron says

    Says a lot when they won’t be involved

  5. Anna says

    REMEMBER that Megan is an actress ! Interview was NOT LIVE but cut & edited to suit what they wanted.
    As for ‘dissing’ Harry’s Dad Charles for cutting off support – with them making $$ millions ~ why should he continue? He’s been coughing up BIG BUCKS since they were married for mail, security, $$ help in Canada as they were ‘unemployed’ even while Megan (worth perhaps $5 million) and Harry (about $40 million)
    Now they plan to use ‘babies’ as Charles will no longer help pay for stuff? GARBAGE ! ! ! As millionaires themselves, who can buy $4,500. dresses to look pretty it’s horribly to WHINE that you need your father/father-in-law to pay bills. (While your Mom has her own home on your property) SPOILED !

    1. Thelma Billingslea says

      I think she.planned all of this. She played everything because she wanted to get back to America. She planned this interview so Harry can never go back to the family all the way. Poor Harry. He is going to deeply regret this. Talk about being brain washed.

  6. Jakelynn says

    two bit actress Nutmeg has finally won herself an Oscar with her Woo as Me performance with the Opra interview. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She brought half of this mess on herself. Now Harry is a whole nother matter. He use to be carefree and funny in his past interviews, but along comes a spider and he’s changer overnight by her bite. With her former aids coming back to bite her themselves, I’m leaning more to their side. But, most of all, I feel sorry for their son and unborn daughter. They will never truly get to know their great grandparents because of all that has happened.

  7. Linda says

    MEgain thought she would change the Monarchy with her charm and wit, reality is she has caused nothing but pain and embarrassment for both her family and Harry’s!! If you don’t do what MEgain wants, she’ll try to destroy you!! Remember she and Harry did not help with the book, but somehow the secret vault contains the Queen’s jewels was disclosed in great detail – Shame on the Queen for not letting MEgain wear the tiara of HER choice!!!

  8. Bunny Moore says

    Megan is a total fake. This is the biggest mistake Harry could have made. Blood is thicker than water. He has gave up all he has never know. If Diana was here they would not have married. Diana would have seen thru Meghan. She’s after money. Everyone knows when you are in front of the Queen you curtsy. Who is she trying to fool? Harry’s already been fooled. Go home Harry, your family loves you.

  9. Karen Martin says

    It’s a mess and I wish they would have thought twice before doing this. What for? Why? It is hard to see the huge distance this đone to further pull Harry away from the family and country he so loves. The allegations are sad for Meghan but I still think there was a classier and better way to do this. They have tons of money now, a beautiful home, child with one on the way. We all have to deal with heartache and anger and much more devastating situations in our lives. I am done with this whole pile of mess. I will delete all stories pertaining to all these people. For God’s sake, people children are starving and people are dying, can’t pay their bills, and domestic abuse for kids and women are up 1000 fold. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

  10. Paula Johnson says

    It is time to bring this out-of-date fairy tell living down. Why would the citizens of the UK be paying this family for what? What do they do? Very antiquated practices.

  11. Ike says

    I’m not a fan of the royal family and won’t be. You all are here condemning her without putting into consideration all she passed through. Not holding brief for her, but l would rather be free and live my life than a regimented life in the palace. You guys think Prince Harry has forgotten about the death of his dear mother. He doesn’t want a repetition of that. The British media is toxic and never spared her in any way. If you have not thought of suicide then shut the f…k up. For you that hail a father ditching his son. Harry, wow, is he a good father or one who is frustrated for waiting endlessly to succeed his own mother? Some of you can not take what people have been taking for years in the name of ‘royal family’ especially the women that are married to the men there. Shame to all these comments here.

  12. Sue says

    I think she is spoiled and a bully. I also don’t think they should be living in America. America gave up too much in the past war fighting to get free from the Royals and now they are living here. Not good for America. And Americans giving them money in their charities is also just another way to fund the Royals. I’m not saying this because she is black. I’m saying it because some of us see right through her and are calling her bluff. Btw, the lighter makeup she use to wear, made her look prettier.

  13. Johnnie says

    Why do we care so much about the British? When I listen to Megan, I think of poor Grace Kelly. Life was not what she expected when she married a royal family. Mega and Harry said the comments do not come the family but the group. I don’t believe anything coming from England And Wst to Pierce Mirgan…good ridence to bad rubbush. Love to Megan and Harry.

  14. Peggy says

    I feel sorry that Harry got mixed up with her and the horror of him marrying her. She is a fake and all about her and when things do not go her way she whines. I totally agree with comment, writer made about her being an opportunist. She knew what marrying into Royalty would be like. I am sure Harry gave her the scoop on that, yet she acts like she was blindsided and so miserable. There are 2 sides to every story.

  15. Sheila says

    Meghan may be playing this to her advantage but I have no doubt what she and Harry are saying. The monarchy is known for their racial views and their self entitlement. They and the people surrounding them will do and say anything to protect the English version of Disneyland. Obviously Americans gave forgotten our struggle for freedom against the monarchy’s suppression. Nothing has changed ..they want to protect their little kingdom.

  16. Glenda says

    I will keep it short. I believe she knew everything she was doing. She always wants to bring Princess Diana in the mix. She dosent hold a candle to that beautiful woman who had a beautiful soul. I feel for Prince Harry hes caught in the middle. His royal family or his children. Harry never seems happy anymore he may be but I’m just saying……..

  17. Farah Winds says

    After all that been said and done, they are family. They can still repair the damage as a family if they want to, so we the public needs to get out of their businesses. Btw, Charles has two kids and plenty of money, so if he wants to keep supporting Harry, he should do as he pleases, who are we to tell him not to, Harry is his blood. And Williams is going to inherited so much, Charles has enough to support both of them equally. We, the public, makes it harder for the family to reconcile knowing that we wouldn’t act so negatively as if it was our own children.

  18. Anne says

    It’s so sad that she has used her Feminine Wiles on Harry and Brained washed him in Thinking he was trapped…SHE KEW WHEN SHE MARRIED HE WAS A ROYAL ,SO SHOULD ACCEPT HER LIFE THERE WITH,HIM…SHES A SPOILED BRAT AND USING HER RACE TO DESTROY A FAMILY AND A MONARCHY….WISH SHE WOULD DISAPPEAR AND LEAVE HARRY ALONE….BUT SHE NOW HAS ONE CHILD AND ANOTHER ON THE WAY TO USE AS LEAVERAGE….why would people care to bad mouth her Father….He is a human being and deserves respect as such….Same for her sister, shes throwing around her wealth and I would have to say she is not an HONEST PERSON….GRABBING ALL THE MADE UP SYMPATHY SHE CAN GET…..send her to another Country….

  19. Wendy Says says

    We all get to sit back and decide that we don’t believe Meghan. Discrimination is real, like it or not. The UK and USA have been proud sponsors of this disgraceful practice, forever. This whole situation smacks of jealousy and racism from the Black racist pin worn by a member of the royal family to a luncheon, to dastardly Piers Buggerman’s getting so angry that he quit his job.
    Yes, we get to decide her truth, all the while knowing that we have been a part of, or witnessed the same sort of treatment by ourselves or others.
    They in turn will be successful no matter what they choose to do with their lives. That’s where the jealousy comes in for the average “commoner” here and overseas. You will never know what it’s like to be on that level, and no matter how or what you feel, they both are better people in their hearts than you.

  20. Josephine says

    Poor Harry.

  21. Ta says

    I keep reading she is a woman of color. Why do people who are of mixed race neglect to admit they have a “Caucasian parent” also. I would not have known she was a “woman of color” until she pulled the Race Card….

  22. Lynn says

    So sad. A family torn apart.
    As much as Markle wants us to believe she is naive, she’s not. She’s a smart‐savvy business women, not to mention actor.

  23. Kim says

    Well I guess Megan has shown herself. It’s a shame that this is happened to the royal family. I agree with many of the others Prince Harry has made a big mistake and will regret this in the future.

  24. Jan Jett says

    Isn’t it amazing how one self centered person can destroy an entire family. Just to keep the attention to herself. Poor Harry having to live with such a selfish person.

  25. Barry Norman says

    So many assumptions without knowing both sides of the story. I don’t think the Royal Family will come out with their side so we will never know the complete truth. If Harry and his family wish to lead a different life they should go and do that. You have to be special to be part of our Royal Family and if you can’t take the heat then get out. I personally love the Queen and totally respect this great woman. She knew her duty when her father passed away and dedicated her life to doing her duty. The rest of you, mind your own business and leave them alone. They are not perfect but we are proud of them and they bring a lot to our nation. I don’t know the figures but I am sure they generate a lot more income for the nation than the cost they incur. So it is a profitable “firm”

  26. Suzy says

    I find it hard to believe most of what Rachel Markel has to say. After all, she’s wanted to be an actress from a young age. Who knows how much influence her dad had in her getting acting parts. And she’s tried to give her best performance doing this interview. How can you possible think she’s sincere? I believe she has planned all of this and manipulated Harry to the point he thinks this is his idea and his thoughts are his. They’re not. I can’t think of another person that would be a part of the royal family and try to change so many things. Who does she think she is?? They wanted to leave and be on their own and have privacy. What a joke. It’s been anything but that and all of her doing. Plus, expect financial help from his family. The royal family and especially Harry’s dad should have said, “if you go through the door, You Are Completely On Your Own”. It’s not like they were destitute. You can’t have it both ways. A lot of people can tell you of something people have said that they didn’t agree with or have had their feelings hurt by a family member without holding a press conference which by the way was a C or giving them the benefit of doubt a B- performance. She want the world to feel sorry for her because she was hurt and cried, but look how it doesn’t bother her to hurt the royal family. That’s OK with her. Once again it’s all about Rachel and the heck with anyone else’s feelings. I can’t figure out why they said they got married if it wasn’t a real marriage? Why not say exactly what it was? A private moment of exchanging vows. Oh. I know, it was the drama. It’s all about Megan and how she wants to be treated and if she’s not , oh boo hoo, poor Megan. You could tell by the way that she would Constantly cling to Harry as to her control. Oh, I believe she has a few friends that agree or feel sorry for her and they want to also be part of her story.

  27. Dottie Phares says

    Put a trashy $1 woman in a $4,500 dress, and you are still left with a trashy $1 woman!

    1. Gillian says

      Megan Is a two bit actress who happens to be a pathological liar!

  28. Angela says

    It’s shameful to read the thoughts of many of those commenting but yet they speak of Meagan with such contempt. Many of you sound like pure evilness. Hypocrites!!!

  29. Judy says

    Everyone stay away from her when she has access to a teapot. Needs money but can wear a $3,400 dress to be interviewed in.

  30. Scarlett says

    As an American i can ask Megan, WTF did she expect? Even i know how hard it would be to suddenly become a princess! She’s an actress,
    had she not watched movies! When you’re not of nobility and marry into it how do you expect to be excepted. The queen should have arranged a marriage for Harry. His wife would have at least knew her duty. Megan is a spoiled brat who wanted the glory and the title for free. Hasn’t she learned that nothing in life is free? Shame on her for manipulating Harry and shame on Harry for turning g his back on his family.

  31. Rick says

    I foresee a future divorce and a huge child support coming for the black widow and poor Harry left with nothing but the bite marks from the black widow. I used to enjoy her on Suits, but then I think that’s her acting, but this is who she really is. So sad that the race card has once again been used to destroy lives!

  32. Buncie says

    Harry’s prior girlfriend broke up with him saying she loved him but could not live life as a royal so she figured it out before marriage and Meghan did too only she planned to change things once she was in the family. Meghan didn’t like being told what to do and how and couldn’t stand always being #2 to Kate who is royal in every way in class, elegance and femininity.

  33. Marsha Sandoval says

    She’s a disgrace to the Royal Family.

  34. Patrick Xavier Burns says

    Harry has been hooked like a fish of a Flounder! Mehgan, is the confident one and the strategist! Harry, did not pay attention to family members, as he was warned not to rush the marraige! They dated one year, are you kidding? It should of been 3 years! Mehgan, pushed and planned Harry into her dark web of control! She played Harry as if the role was an Oscar nominated scene! Her biological clock was ticking for two separate gendered charted children just to seal her fate of total financial freedom and also, to be known as a world wide celebrity! She has fully gained, where as, Harry, has lost everything, for he has not realized it yet! He will see that streaming bar of slim light in a very dark tunnel once his daughter is born. At this point, Mehgan has stolen the magic rug right from under Harry’s floating majic carpet ride! I predict that he will end up in a psychiatric ward due to
    his shear immense pressure coming from both sides of these intact familie’s! He will face sever depression from not having full control of his own immediate family, plus, the turmoil that he has caused within his own royal family! His better days will be weaned away, as time ticks onward! Separation and divorce will be on the horizon after the second born child will arrive! Mehgan, at that point, has completed her mode of operation. Her motive has been completed and sealed by her web of deceit! Harry has nowhere to go, but down, as he mentally trys to cope and stay sane! It is now too late, for Mehgan does not want him anymore! She is the queen of cunningness! Life, will be fruitful for her and hell for Harry! P.S. Mehgan never loved Harry at all! Yours truly, pxb

  35. Lynn Morris-Mayrand says

    They should of helped her with their ways! After watching the Crown and seeing how even the Queen doesn’t have her own voice, I believe Megan 100 percent! I think they treated her terrible! I feel bad for Harry, but now he has a loving family and freedom!They wanted to becworkingvRoyals, but it was not allowed! They had NO personal protection!

  36. Michelle says

    I seriously believe Prince Harry made a huge mistake by marrying this woman. The fact that she is American and an actress went to his head. He would have been happier marrying a Brit.
    This woman has done nothing but stir up problems with the Royal family and so smug about it.
    I don’t believe this marriage will last
    I hope it does for the children’s sake.

  37. Fay says

    I think Megan is an actress and not a very good one, saw a chance to upgrade her diminishing publicity so she became a royal, which is sad in the end she also wasn’t a good one. Who is she to speak on behalf of the UK history when she said she googled Harry before becoming serious. I believe she’s a fake and he’s a fool

  38. Julie Wilson says

    I don’t believe the interview should have ever happened in the first place. I question why, there is no need to discuss your husband’s family be them royals or not. She knew what she was marrying into. Should have dealt with it properly. I feel bad for Prince Harry. Your family was your family long before you married. All should find common ground and be respectful.

    1. Susan Wolaver says

      Just heart breaking 🙁 ive watched Harry grow up I loved his beautiful Mom and the family so to see a family torn apart like this because of a spoiled brat. She should be ashamed of herself because no matter what family is family and this should have been handled in the family before going public. Harry take your babies and go home. Shes got her Mom living off them now megs got everyone right where she wants them out of harrys life. Shes drama

    2. Kathie says

      You don’t go on Oprah if you want to like a quiet life. She didn’t read royal history
      It became a race thing cause Archie didn’t get a title,when it was back to the Henry the V he made law that only the first grandsons,son can have a title. When the Queen died Archie would of got a title. I don’t think Harry put it together cause he would of told her. He didn’t know he was trapped till she told him. I fell over when Oprah asked him how was he trapped. He looked at Meghan and said she told me I was. Bless his heart it really showed how sheltered his life was. He couldn’t understand why dad didn’t pay him.Hello you walked off the job. She has him trapped. Meghan got busted saying I now will be more famous then Victoria Beckham, cause she married a real Prince. Harry but a seatbelt on this ride is gonna be rocky. I will mot believe it was a race thing cause the Queen would of never let the wedding be that big or televised. Her wedding dress the Queen did question not to her,but because it was showing top of shoulders and that is to revealing. Meghan had a independent streak and that is a no no. Step behind you husband like Kate did and don’t give your opinion. I wish them all the best. It will be rough for awhile. Like my Nana always said don’t marry a man if you are wanting to change him.

  39. Shaun says

    Misery loves company. Its sad how this ordinary fake want to b actress chick has played Harry, disrepected his family and the Queen his grandmother. She knew the deal before she said I Do. Now shes coming between his family. Thats the only brother harry has and when its all said and done William will be there for his brother. Harry don’t fall for the okie doke its the same in the in the UK.
    She using Racism girl you dont know what racism is. If you loved yourself i bet the little roles you had those producers didnt know what the Real was about you. Now you are trying to break up the Kingdom. Whats goes around comes back around.
    Ms Thang trying to live a life she knows nothing about. The Royals are used to it, you are new to it stay in your place. Peace is GreAt..
    Dont let ms. thang whip you like that harry you got to much going for yourself!
    Its hurts when we cant tell our sons DON’T DO IT!!

  40. Virginia Peckham says

    Meredith has made such a mess of this whole Royal Family. Shame on Harry for not standing up like a man instead of a mouse on a leash. This woman is a actress and had it all planned out before they got married. She plotted this whole thing. Like so eine said before Harry was desperate to get .arrived and Meghan dropped everything including her ex-husband and went right for him because she knew she could swindle him right to her arms . Her friend hooked them up and he went for it. She played her actress part on him and he went for it. She is not even a good actress on TV, but for him she was. She is money hungry and she got what she wanted and now wrecking the whole Royal family and don’t thin her little quiet mother isn’t helping her, she is doing her part too behind all the curtains. She wants her part too , they want to live high on the hog and so thry are now. Thry left Canada because Canada told them they would not give them security, thry didn’t want them there at all. I remember when the Harry and Meghan’s aides were leaving and getting fired one at a time because of Meghan screaming at them all the time. She didn’t want them around while she plotted all of this and planting her scheme with Harry to leave. Shame on her. I don’t know how she can look in the mirror. herself. Her sister tried to warn everyone but no one would listen. So she backed off (her sister did). Harry knows now he can’t or not invited to go back to the Palace with his wife. Harry and Meghan wants their cake and eat it too for free and it don’t work that way. Kate didn’t make Meghan cry on her wedding, Meghan made Kate cry over her daughter’s dress. you can totally see the lie in Meghan’s face on TV when she said that. You can totally see all the lies in her face when she brought the racist talk about their son. Harry knew it would be different bringing in a American girl and a different race, but he didnit anyways. He brought someone in who decided she didn’t have to work because she is Royal now and still wa Ted to live her way not the Queen’s way. What a mess these two have made and made it bad for their children not to not know their Royal family because of their selfishness and greetings. All because of Meghan wanting her husband and son to have a tile at the top.

  41. Lydia Hennagir says

    Meghan Markle is a complete narcissist, manipulator, and victim thinker. As for Harry, he needs to step back and take a long hard look at what had happened since the day she became his wife. This woman has done everything possible to control all parts of his mindset. Harry, YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT! Meghan Markle is a destructive individual. She is an actress who can turn it on and off in seconds. This is her biggest role yet since she was a second rate actress that would never get parts like these, this is her crowning moment. The sad thing is, she is destroying a family that has always stood by eachother thru thick and thin. I one big swoop she has uprooted their children to never be able to be close to their grandparents and play with their cousins! Diana would have never let that happened because she would of see the real Meghan Markle! Meghan, where is your proof of all this happening and Harry, you are going to regret all of this except of course your children.
    Meghan, I hope and pray that you find God, because I feel you need him to direct you on the right path.

  42. Cyndra Kent says

    I think MM thought she was going to be Cinderella or another fairytale princess. Tiaras for breakfasting in and never having to lift a finger. When she realized there would be requirements she freaked. She didn’t want to believe she would have duties to attend to. After the realization that she wouldn’t be waited on hand and foot, she wanted out and had to make it look like she was the one being treated unfairly.

  43. Louise Burger says

    Meghan wanted to be queen center of attention. She lies in order to be noticed and popular. She’s a fake but a good one to ruin prince harrys life although Harry is under her spell. But to go against his family and let’s her get away with that I have no respect for him. If they wanted to get away from the media they sure are in it alone. They want to be independent from the family so dad stop supporting them they are grown adults. I love the QUeen and family please don’t let her win she wants to bring down your house.

  44. Louise Burger says


  45. Greta says

    Remer Markle is a not very good actress and she has a big me little you attitude. She is no more a duchess than I am. Time for the queen to rescind the titles of those two spoiled brats. Let them live with their leftist Hollywood libs.

  46. Susan johnson says

    In the interview, Meghan said she knew Beatrice before she met Harry. Surprise, surprise. She says she knew nothing about Harry or royal protocol. I think she outright lied.

  47. Julie Winslow says

    Meghan has targeted Harry for her own personal gain. She cant be number one in the royal family married to Harry but is determined to profit from the relationship however she can and at whatever the cost. News for Meghan… She will NEVER be Princess Diana..

  48. Rosemary says

    Sad that Megan tried to convince all of us she knew zero about the Royal FAMILY is full of it. She ask her friend to set her up with a Prince & he did. She thought she would change the Monarchy to her liking, but the Queen was to slick for her. I’m sure Prince William saw thru her. She ditched her family now she caused Harry to ditch his, so he only has her & the kids to lean on. Archie isn’t a Prince until Charles becomes king, because Harry is 6th in line to the thron. Boo hoo for Megan.

  49. Gloria Gaytan says

    My question is: why does Harry wear worn out shoes. Brown outdated shoes. While Meghan wears shoes that a worth hundreds of dollars. Even his clothes he looks like a pauper but Meghan looked in the 10s. Pitiful. Well that what you get when you are menupated he looks like pauper while Meghan looks well dressed.

  50. Walsh says

    Megan pushes the point of color. She was bullied because of she’s a person of color, her son isn’t a prince because she’s a person of color, someone wants to know how dark her child will be because she’s a person of color, her child isn’t getting protective services because she’s a person of color, and she demands now to be a part of the queens investigation into the poor-megs feelings are hurt. Her self proclaimed new platform came tumbling down when she was welcomed at first but as she started getting settled in and her real demanding personality started coming out. When she realized she wasn’t going to get all the perks, paid, protection, platforms, private planes, photo-ops, popularity status and have to walk 5 feet behind a more popular white Duchess and her children will never have the status. Meghan’s ego is bent and twisted around poor Henry’s neck.

  51. Mary says

    I’m sick of whiny Meghan Markle. And I wish Harry would open his eyes and see her for the manipulative destructive narcissist that she is. Look at the way she treats her own family! So of course, next she would set her goals on alienating Harry’s as well. Then she needn’t answer to anyone. She is a college educated woman, and an actress and yet she had no idea what to expect when she married into royalty? Please!! She’s not near a good enough actress to pull that pretend scenario off. Same for when Oprah said the perception is you manipulated all this, and the fake shocked look on her face. What little ol me? Every single public person has had digs, lies and nasty things said about them in the press. It seems to come with the territory. The national enquirer alone probably has 100 outlandish things in each issue. So she can stop feeling picked on. She’s just one out of thousands. And no Meghan it’s not because your mixed. Who cares? I didn’t even know that for a long time, and then when I did it made no difference. There are many people of color who truly have suffered injustices and mistreatment because of their skin color. You are not suffering. You were welcomed Into the most famous family in the world. You live in luxury. You have been blessed in so many many ways. So no you are not suffering. People who are hungry, dying of diseases and have no money for Healthcare. Who sleep on park benches. They are suffering. Not you! And sick or your poor me story, when all you’ve done is create chaos for.poor Harry and his family. He used to look so happy….

  52. Sara says

    She needs to get over herself. There were so many other educated. qualified, loving.beautiful woman who would have married Harry and have been honored to be part of the royal family and use the resources given to her to do great things for people. Instead, he picks this selfish ghetto actress who cries like a baby over everything. And stop bringing Diana into this. She was an amazing woman who held her head up high!!

  53. Patricia Gail Nolen says

    I thank no Meghan went into a Royal Family ignorant of the protocols and did not want to do anything the way the Queen wanted it but the way M guan wanted it. I wish Harry had listened to his Brother Prince William when they talked before the wedding! Meghan is so jealous that she will never be the Queen. Harry is Meghan’s puppet! So sad.

  54. Patricia Gail Nolen says

    I thank no Meghan went into a Royal Family ignorant of the protocols and did not want to do anything the way the Queen wanted it but the way M guan wanted it. I wish Harry had listened to his Brother Prince William when they talked before the wedding! Meghan is so jealous that she will never be the Queen. Harry is Meghan’s puppet! So sad.

  55. Lucille says

    i think she is rude and a spoil brat

  56. Blanca says

    Meghan is a Gold Digger, she’s been Stalking Harry since they met, like a Lioness Stalking Her Prey!!!
    God bless The Queen I love her, she’s probably known how fake this Meghan Gold Digger is…..

  57. loui says

    Hissed(?). Seriously. I don’t believe it.
    I think the British press attacked her from the beginning and everyone believed everything they said. Just look at all the people that believed she made Kate cry because the press told them that. When it was actually the other way around. But god forbid the Firm set the record straight. They threw Meghan under the bus and are going to continue to do so. They have to protect themselves no matter what the cost. A few lies/liars here and there are nothing to them.

  58. Lori says

    This is what you get from parents who don’t teach their children humility. An only child who has been told all her life she’s perfect and can do anything. Including ditch people that don’t agree. And a brat who has been coddled all his life because, ha ha that’s our Harry, all because he lost his mom as a kid. Poor Harry was born a prince and lived in opulent homes while poor Meghan is half black, a B rated actress and divorced. And they are going to educate the world because they are so perfect and we all are hurting their wittle feelings. Grow up and shut up!

  59. guest says

    Its about time the truth be told, they are getting let off with everything. I find it total disrespectful to our Royal family how MM can get away with her nasty lies. Its going way too far and im happy that people are coming forward from this end. HRH has enough stress without dealing with all of this.

  60. Janice says

    Meagan is a snake in the grass. My thought it is all about bringing down the monarchy. Harry is blindsided by love. He fell for Satan’s daughter. Pray the lord will open his eyes

  61. Tracyb says

    They bring in hundreds of thousands of pounds in business and tourism to the UK they cost the taxpayer approximately 12 pence each per year. They don’t own the palaces and are pretty much self funding. They are head of the commonwealth do I.need to go further?

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