Royal Family News: The Monarchy And Mental Health: What Queen Elizabeth Needs To Change Now

Royal Family News: The Monarchy And Mental Health: What Queen Elizabeth Needs To Change NowBritish Royal family news reveals now that Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex and Meghan Markle have told the world that they were suffering from serious mental health issues during their time at the palace, the Royal Family knows that something needs to change. Here are just a few points that Queen Elizabeth and the monarchy should consider moving forward and past the allegations made by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Heads Together, But The Family Never Apart

Before Meghan Markle came on to the scene, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry all spearheaded a rather successful mental health campaign with Heads Together. The initiative was part of the Royal Foundation and worked to ensure that people feel comfortable with their own and their friends and family everyday mental health and well being. Yet, Meghan Markle claims that when she went to human resources at Buckingham Palace, she wasn’t given the help or support that she needed while she was experiencing suicidal thoughts during her pregnancy. She and Harry then left the royal family. Clearly, if you want to keep heads together, you can’t let the family tear itself apart.

Mental Health Over Keeping Up With Appearances

In her interview with Oprah, Meghan also suggested that when she did seek treatment, she was told that it wouldn’t be a good look for any member of the royal family to try and get help for their mental health issues. While “recollections may very” can certainly be true, in these modern times, everyone knows just how important it is to talk about mental health and how much more important it is than to keep up with appearances. Sure, the royals might look great from the outside, but it’s what’s in that counts the most.

A More Unified, Diversified And Modern Monarchy

Everyone knows that the British Royal Family had a chance to show the world that they are a unified, diversified and modern monarchy. But, the moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walked away from their senior roles as working members of the royal family, everything changed. Instead of a tit-for-tat all-out media war between the monarchy and the Sussexes, many people believe it would be best for Queen Elizabeth and her family to stop, listen and understand why two beloved family members decided to walk away. Sometimes the only way forward is to take one or two steps back.

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