Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown’s Jealousy Issue Stem From Kody’s Shower Preferences And Basement Wife Syndrome

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown’s Jealousy Issue Stem From Kody’s Shower Preferences And Basement Wife SyndromeSister Wives Spoilers suggest that Christine Brown’s jealousy issues started with something as simple as Kody Brown’s shower preferences. Christine felt like she wasn’t as accepted because Kody refused to shower at her house. Something so simple seems trivial but in a polygamist family, not so much. Is Christine being unreasonable?

It Will All Come Out In The Wash Or The Shower

Sister Wives Christine says she “wanted the family” but apparently, Kody has been making her feel inferior from the very start. When Christine married Kody she assumed he would do everything with her the same as with the other wives. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as Christine thought.

Kody may have slept with Christine and had children with Christine but she still felt unaccepted. Christine was devastated that Kody would never shower at her house when they shared the single-family house. Kody would spend nights with Christine but preferred Meri Brown’s shower because it was a “better shower” according to him. Kody’s actions left Christine feeling that she wasn’t good enough.

What Is A Basement Wife?

Sister Wives Christine mentioned being the basement wife. Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, chimed in about living in the basement and having no light from the outside in one house. However, according to Christine, the term has nothing to do with where you live but how you are treated.

Christine says both Meri and Janelle worked leaving her home with the kids. Christine feels that often her children’s needs were not met because she was playing mother to everyone else. Christine also mentions a queen wife, which would have been Meri at that time as well. Neither Meri nor Janelle seems to accept these labels but Christine admits she always felt like the basement wife.


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Christine Believes The Other Wives Hate Her

Sister Wives Robyn visited with Christine to try and reassure her that she doesn’t hate her. However, Robyn was shocked to learn how Christine feels about the family and their separation right now. Christine explained to Robyn that Kody didn’t seem to try to see her feelings in this. Christine has liked living in her own home since Las Vegas because it gives her a sense of control. Christine has no desire to return to her previous “basement wife” status. Although Christine is jealous of Robyn, Christine also envies the fact that Robyn holds her own with Kody.

Sister Wives Christine and Robin seem to have come to an understanding after Robyn heard Christine’s side of things. Kody, however, has to try and rock the boat says that Christine doesn’t remember things correctly. It is obvious that Christine feels justified in her feelings of jealously and Kody believes he has done nothing wrong. With Christine being completely against a one-family home, will she stay in the marriage at all?

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