Sister Wives Spoilers: How Rich is Robyn Brown Really?

Sister Wives Spoilers: How Rich is Robyn Brown Really?Sister Wives spoilers and updates divulges that while some of Kody Brown’s wives have financial ventures to talk about, Robyn Brown doesn’t. Which has led many fans to wonder how she brings home the bacon.

About three years ago, Meri Brown started her own bed and breakfast and her mom runs it, but Robyn’s not involved in that.

Clearly Kody himself is broke if his complaints are any indication. He pays a lot for real estate in terms of property taxes, rentals, property, etc. So what does Robyn do for money exactly?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Robyn Brown Have Her Own Business?

The Sister Wives (Janelle, Meri, Robyn, Christine) plus Kody Brown started “My Sister Wife’s Closet” many years ago but as long as a year ago the website said it’s closed.

After the move to Arizona the biz seemed to slow down, once offering clothing, jewelry, etc. That was one thing that Robyn was associated with, so now where is her money coming in from?

That is a really hard question to answer! Especially since Robyn Brown rarely says anything about her situation on social media. Then again she may get some royalties from the book everyone wrote together: Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.

Sister Wives Spoilers: How Rich is Robyn Brown Really?

Is Robyn Brown Financially Independent Of Kody?

According to Cinemaholic Kody Brown actually isn’t dead broke, far from it. They report his net worth at around a cool $1 million. Nonetheless much of that is not liquid as it is tied up in real estate around Flagstaff.

Which is probably why he sometimes has cash-flow problems. Keep in mind that Robyn Brown is his only legal wife and her name is on the property deeds—so there’s that.

Updates: How Much Is The Brown Family Worth?

Then there is the fact that Robyn earns something from TLC just for appearing in the reality show. That’s true of the other wives and Kody as well. But it was reported that after ratings fell, the money given to the family was decreased.

Add all of this up and it looks like Robyn probably isn’t sitting pretty high atop the financial mountain. Unless there’s something we don’t know about. For all intents and purposes, Robyn Brown is probably getting royalties from the joint family book, receives residuals from the reality series and has some property in her name.

Why don’t we ask her on social media and see if she responds?

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  1. Pat maston says

    I’m not understanding how Cody could only have one wife and so many children from his other girl friends and the women all seem to be friends .I read that he was married to meri for years and had one child, then a few years back divorced her and married a much younger girl so he could adopt her children and have more children with her. I’m not understanding why he wouldn’t marry one of the older women which he already has children with and has been with for many years they must feel rejected .Will he marry another young girl to have more children when the last one can’t have any more ? I’m 80 years old and not understanding the whole situation.I wish all the women well and hope they can get it all straightened out.

  2. Donna says

    Well the story they told was that Kody needed to marry Robyn, so that her exhusband could not get custody of her children. So, to marry her Meri had to divorce Kody. Since then it seems there is jealousy among wives. Seems to have gotten worse since move to Flagstaff.

  3. Jessica Clifford says

    Every woman wants to feel loved and wanted and I don’t think kody brings that to the table for all his wife’s i belive there is jealousy between the wife’s because kody doesn’t love them equally (the same) and I don’t believe that his wife are honest about there feeling for him either they clearly are not happy so why continue to live this way kodys is not the only man in the world these

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