Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Claims It’s Dangerous Talking To Kody About Other Wives

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Claims It's Dangerous Talking To Kody About Other WivesSister Wives spoilers and updates suggest that Janelle Brown has been opening up about the challenges of plural marriage. Recently Kody’s relationships with all of his wives have been brought into questions. However, three of the wives certainly have something to say about Kody’s relationship with first wife, Meri Brown.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Speaks Candidly

Sister Wives’ Janelle admits that Kody and Meri have had struggles for some time. Janelle even admits that it is hard to watch Meri and Kody’s relationship as it has disintegrated. However, Janelle also says that discussing the other wives can be dangerous to the relationship that she and Kody have themselves. Janelle is Kody’s second wife; she joined the family three years after Kody and Meri were married. Janelle says for the sake of her and Kody’s marriage, she needs to keep a distance from the extended members of the family. Janelle does not want to hear about the other wives when she has time with Kody. Janelle believes she and Kody should concentrate on their relationship when they are together.

Janelle Brown Is not The Only One To Speak Out

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown has spoken out against the downfall of Kody and Meri’s marriage as well. Christine echoes Janelle’s thoughts on how sad this relationship has been. Kody has admitted that he rarely sees Meri anymore. Kody and Meri do not date because he stopped asking her out, by his own admission. Perhaps the other wives, except for Robyn Brown, believe that pushing Kody about his and Meri’s relationship could be detrimental to their own marriage. After all, as Kody has said, if he and Meri wanted to be together, they would be. Janelle admits that she has tried to help because if one relationship struggles in a plural family, they all struggle.

Sister Wives Updates – The Browns Have Limited Privacy

Although Sister Wives’ Janelle believes that Kody and Meri are entitled to their privacy, she does point out that as a family with a reality tv show, they have no privacy. Everyone is always asking questions and offering advice whether it is solicited or not. Janelle does admit to being saddened by Kody’s admission that neither he nor Meri see any value in their relationship any longer. Perhaps Janelle sees something that Kody and Meri unfortunately choose to overlook.

Janelle admits that she cannot control how Kody thinks or feels. However, Janelle is at peace with the state of the relationship for the moment even though there is always room for improvement. Can Kody and Meri ever get back to a place of love between them? Will the family eventually be reunited as a whole?

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