Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Calls Out One Of His Wives For Being Hostile

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Calls Out One Of His Wives For Being HostileSister Wives spoilers and updates suggest that Kody Brown is once again attacking one of his wives on Twitter. Kody has been having a difficult time with two of his four wives, which one could he be referring to? Why Is Kody not dealing with his personal issues with his wives in person and not on Twitter? Why can Kody not deal with the criticism that he brings on himself by his Twitter posts?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Openly Criticizes His Wives

Sister Wives Kody often criticizes his wives while on the show and on Twitter. However, it’s only certain wives that he has a problem with and America knows who. Meri Brown has been a huge target since the catfishing scheme a few years ago. Kody has not been happy in his relationship with Meri because of this. Kody and Meri have been working on their relationship however, it is still not the best. Have Kody and Meri gotten past any of their issues?

Christine Brown Considers Herself An Outcast

Sister Wives Christine Brown wonders if her sister wives hate her. Christine has been very vocal about her desire to keep a separate home instead of all four wives living in one house. Recently Christine even opened up about being a “basement wife”. Christine has obvious hurt feelings that have lasted for over a decade. Christine feels that her children’s needs were overlooked while she parented both her and Janelle Brown’s children.

However, Christine was also upset over years of Kody not showering at her house. Christine admits to her home never feeling like it was her and Kody’s home because she never felt like the queen wife. Christine’s feelings changed when she got her own home in Las Vegas. Christine was the queen of her castle and didn’t have to share with anyone.

Sister Wives Updates – Kody Brown Claims Christine Brown Twists Things

Sister wives Kody claims that Christine remembers things wrong. However, Christine feels like everyone hates her when they have family gatherings. It seems that Kody is singling Christine out as a hostile person because she doesn’t feel the need to do things with her sister wives. Christine doesn’t feel like she is being hostile, she simply wants something of her own.

Sister wives Kody needs to realize that his wives have opinions as well as he does. Kody cannot dictate how his wives feel about things. Kody cannot change the past and Christine has no desire to relive it. Is Christine the person Kody is referring to? Can Kody and Christine repair their relationship?

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