The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Liam’s Soul Searching – Big Changes Coming After Baby Reveal

liam spencer the bold and the beautiful spoilers, bb cast scott clifton 2021The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers document that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) needs to recalculate his life. He was forced to begin this process after learning that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was pregnant.

Initial hopes that John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) would be identified as the father of her child were dashed when paternity test results confirmed that Liam is the dad. However, strong The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers buzz and increasing plot points indicate that Finn is actually the father of Steffy’s expectant child.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – A Time To Cleanse His Soul

Liam is a very analytical person. He spends a lot of time thinking about his life and actions. However, as fans know, he acts with impulsiveness, a trait he appears to have inherited from his father, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

Clifton’s character has quickly come to see that he must cleanse himself as part of a process of becoming a better person. He’s inventing his own step program that began with acknowledging reality, apologizing to those he wronged, and then promising to demonstrate consistent actions moving forward.

There are many other steps to be taken, which Liam currently projects as lasting for the remainder of his time on this earth. Whether he can make steady progress toward his goal is yet to be seen.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Hope Spencer Reaches A Decision Point

Liam and Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) remain married on The Bold and the Beautiful. But their latest union is fragile.

Hope rightly perceives Liam’s proclaimed transformation effort as just words. He wants her to stay on board for an indefinite period of time while he tries to prove that he can be what he should have been all along, consistent and loyal.

Anyone with dignity would respond as The Bold and the Beautiful’s Hope did. Questioning Liam’s decision, in believing that Hope betrayed his trust, revealed an unknown element of his internal thought process. However it happened or came to exist, Liam didn’t fully trust Hope with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). That confirmed a profound insecurity.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Steffy Forrester Needs To Know The Truth

Steffy is proceeding based on her assumption that the so-called scientific test results represent some unquestionable truth. She and the others were told that the accuracy rate was 99 percent. So, the one-percenter has apparently been discounted.

If a paternity switch is to happen, then Steffy will hopefully know that as soon as possible, rather than having her realization be delayed by months. Of course, Liam and Finn deserve to know that truth as well. And so does Hope.

Assuming that Finn is eventually revealed as the real dad, then Liam will need to adjust his cleansing approach. He’ll also need to hope his wife has it within her heart to not only forgive him, but also to give him the gift of time to become a better person as well.

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