Unexpected Spoilers: The Drama With Max Schenzel and Anthony Vanelli

Unexpected Spoilers: The Drama With Max Schenzel and Anthony VanelliUnexpected spoilers show us that there has been a lot of drama between cast members Max Schenzel and Anythony Vanelli. Max has never been a fan favorite and it seems that he continues to run his mouth on social media. Max has done a lot of time in jail and many viewers think that is why he is such a loose cannon. There is a reason for him throwing shade at Anthony this time. He has been arrested for a shooting.

What Happened to Anthony

Anything is the father of Rilah Ferrer’s baby. He ended up getting arrested again and this time it may not be easy for him to get out of jail. A gun charge is a serious one and many prisoners spend years in prison because of it. He has had many brushes with the law, so fans of Unexpected aren’t surprised that he is back in jail.

Max took it upon himself to throw shade at Anthony upon hearing the news about his arrest. Max has told his fans that he is clean and sober and has been fighting off addiction. Although, his family members claim that he is not sober and is still on drugs and drinking. It doesn’t seem that Max has much room to judge Anthothy’s life if he isn’t living the best one either.


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The Instagram Backlash

As soon as Max posted about Anthony, fans of Unexpected were quick to throw shade back at him. Max’s original post read, “LMAO WTF. People give me s**t when I’ve been sober for a year. But one of the other guys from the show is lowkey shooting up houses.” His fans were not impressed with his attitude toward fellow cast members.

One fan wrote to Max saying, “Manipulative narcissists love deflecting.” Another wrote, “Drink every time Max says ‘I’ve been sober for a year.’” Clearly his fans were not impressed and after these harsh words, it seems as if he is losing more and more fans and followers.

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