Where is Susan Farmer from My 600-Lb Life Now?

Where is Susan Farmer from My 600-Lb Life Now?Susan Farmer from the My 600-Lb Life was once a real sensation that everyone was eager to see in every episode during her stay in the reality show. Severely overweight at that time but determined to get fit, Susan went in for Dr. Now’s weight loss program. Her purpose was to get all the help she needed from the weight loss program to shed some pounds off her obese body and bounce back with her life.

Sweetly, that determination was fulfilled. She achieved a tremendous weight loss on Dr. Now’s weight loss program. However, many fans of the show have been recently curious to know her whereabouts. Many have asked if she continued with other personal weight loss programs or she gave up on the dream and went back on eating high-calorie food.

Susan Farmer needed Help from All Angles.

Before Susan Farmer decided to come on the Dr. Now’s weight loss program, her body weight was 607 pounds. At that time, she struggled with many health challenges like – lymphedema, pain from the crushing weight on her body, and high blood pressure.

She was honest to say that she could not walk effortlessly from one point to the next point without getting tired and taking a sit for a few minutes at the grocery store. But with hope and determination from her end, she did not give room for her weight to take over her life.

Susan Farmer Fights Hard

In search of the best help she could get to ease her of her burdened weight, Susan Farmer set out on a journey to Houston for professional help. The journey to Houston was to seek help from a weight loss expert who could help her shed some pounds from her obese body. Luckily, she did get the expert. He was strict with increasing her daily activities, putting her on a low –calorie, and high protein diet.

While Susan was on this strict plan on Dr. Now’s weight loss program, she was approved for gastric bypass surgery. After a successful surgery while on Dr. Now’s strict diet plan, Susan was said to have one of the most transforming weight loss journeys on the reality franchise. From an obese body of 607 pounds, Susan lost about two-thirds of her original weight by the time she left the reality TV show.


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Susan Farmer Surprises the World with her Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Susan recently appeared on the where Are They Now episodes with a transformed look. She told fans and viewers of the reality series that her weight loss journey has been a significant turnaround in her life. Moreover, for the first time since high school – she is getting adorned with a pair of jeans.

Susan Thankful for the Support during her Weight Loss Journey

Susan says a very big thank you to everyone that supported and helped her during her most difficult moment in life. It was a difficult journey for her. However, her friends, supporters, and particularly the woman that helped her use their swimming pool for her exercises won a special place in her heart.

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