Which of the ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Women Are Currently Pregnant?

Which of the 'Bringing Up Bates' Women Are Currently Pregnant?The Bringing Up Bates family is always growing, so fans can’t always keep up with who’s currently pregnant. Right now, Kelly Jo and Gil Bates have 15 grandchildren. Here’s a reminder of all of the Bates women who are expecting new babies very soon.

Whitney Bates

Zach and Whitney Bates will welcome their fourth child to the world in June 2021. The couple shares Khloé Eileen, 1, and Kaci Lynn, 4, and Bradley Gilvin, 6. Their fourth baby is a boy, and they’ve picked out the name Jayden Carl. The couple hasn’t shared a specific due date with fans, but he will be here in just a few months.

Tori Smith

Tori and Bobby Smith will have their third child in June 2021 as well. The couple announced that they are having a daughter, Charlotte Raine. She will join two older brothers, Robert Ellis “Kade” Smith IV, 2, and Kolter Gray, 11 months. The exact due date isn’t public.

Josie Balka

Josie and Kelton Balka’s second child, Hazel Sloane, will arrive in June 2021 just like her two cousins on the way. Josie and Kelton sadly suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Hazel, but this pregnancy seems to be going smoothly. The couple also shares a one-year-old daughter, Willow Kristy.

Alyssa Bates

Which Bringing Up Bates Women Recently Gave Birth?

The newest addition to the Bates family is Maci Jo Webster, the daughter of Alyssa Bates and John Webster. The baby girl arrived on February 9, 2021. She joins three big sisters, Zoey Joy, 2, Lexi Mae, 4, and Allie Jane, 5. She’s Gil and Kelly Jo’s 15th grandchild.

Speculation About New Additions to the Bringing Up Bates Family

While Carlin Bates Stewart isn’t currently pregnant, fans suspect she will be soon. Her daughter Layla is one year old, but Carlin’s already getting baby fever. The Bates daughter went to Florida to meet Alyssa’s baby Maci and admitted that she’s already getting baby fever. It may not be long before little Layla becomes a big sister.

In a family this big, there are always new additions being made. While no other pregnancy announcements have been made yet, there may be more grandchildren on the way for Kelly Jo and Gil. Plus, a couple more ladies may be added to the family in the near future. Both Nathan and Lawson Bates are in serious relationships and are expected to pop the question soon.

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