1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Amy Slaton Twerks with Dancing Dino

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Amy Slaton Twerks with Dancing Dino1000 Lb. Sisters Spoiler suggest that Amy Slaton continues to entertain fans on her YouTube page. Tammy Slaton often encourages Amy to twerk on camera and her followers love it.

Amy Slaton Loves To Have Fun

1000 Lb. Sisters Amy loves to have fun. Amy finds it easy to joke at life and make her fans happy. Both Amy and Tammy love to dance and cut up. Amy can be serious, especially when it comes to her family. However, Amy does not let life get her down. Despite people who put her down over what they see as questionable parenting.

Amy’s fans love to watch her show her goofy side and often encourage it. Tammy gets a thrill out of Amy’s twerk chanting for her to dance on camera. However, afterward, Tammy asks her not to do it again as well. The fun-loving sisters are certainly entertaining. Tammy jokingly says that she and Amy should be thin with the calories they burn from laughing every day.

Tammy Slaton Dances As Well

1000 Lb. Sister’s Tammy joins Amy dancing, however she does so from her wheelchair. Tammy cannot stand long enough to dance along with Amy so the twerks are all on her. However, Tammy can keep up with the beat and show her stuff anyway.

The two sisters are constantly doing something together such as how to videos concerning cooking classes and make-up tutorial, especially for Halloween. Now that Amy has had weight loss surgery and delivered her baby, hopefully she can learn some new moves. Amy could certainly improve upon the moves she has already. Will the sisters even do a how-to twerking video?


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Amy Slaton And Her Dancing Dino

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Amy has a dancing dinosaur that she keeps in her kitchen, so she always has a dancing buddy. When Tammy does not feel up to dancing or Amy just want to be a little extra goofy, she pushes the button her on dinosaur and has an instant partner. However, the funniest part of this dance is seeing Amy try to imitate the dinosaur. It does not hurt that Tammy is in the background cheering her on. The sisters try to support each other and their YouTube channels. The sisters continue to support their YouTube channels and share special videos with their followers even though they have the hit TV Show.

Fans are already looking forward to the new season of 1000 Lb. Sisters and cannot wait to see what is in story for them. Of course, Amy’s videos continues to keep fans updated on the family goings on as well.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with 1000 Lb. Sisters right now. Come back here often for 1000 Lb. Sisters spoilers, news, and updates.

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