1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Loving Her Body, Shares Photos Of Her Weight Loss

1000-lb Sisters spoilers1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates reveals Tammy Slaton, made her fans excited all over Instagram when she shared her recent photos depicting great progress in her weight loss schedule. In many of the comments made by fans, they said beautiful features of her face are becoming more prominent. It seems she is finally making progress in her quest to shed some body fat. Does this mean that she could be eligible for weight loss surgery in season three of the TLC series?

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – Fans Left In Suspense At The Inconclusive End To Season Two

Fans of the 1000-lb Sisters show were concerned that things were not going well for Tammy at the end of season two. At the final episode of season two, fans were only given information that Tammy was seeking professionally to reduce weight at a health facility somewhere. However, it was difficult getting a facility that would assist Tammy on her weight loss quest. For starters, the Slaton family didn’t find it easy to get a facility that would provide accommodation as part of the weight loss program.

There was even a time rumors flying around said she was kicked out of a health facility because she was romantically involved with one of the security personnel. It was also said that she jas physically assaulted one of the nurses working at the facility. These claims were made in several posts on the show’s fan group on Facebook by a woman who said she worked at the health facility.

Tammy came out to dispel the claims on Instagram and TikTok, the two social media platforms she is known to make use of actively. She said she would never assault anyone physically except it was a playful job at a member of her family. Some fans took Tammy’s word for it while some thought her joke was aimed at her sister, Amy Halterman, as they are not on speaking terms.

Filming of season three of the series is currently underway, though no premiere date has been fixed.

This information was erroneously made available to news outlets in a number of social media posts by her brother, Chris, and Amy.

We can only guess that Tammy might go through with surgery in the new season.

Tammy Shares Ber Weight Loss Photos

The 1000-lb Sisters star shared several photos with her followers on social media. The photos divided into two categories, show Yammy before she enrolled at the health facility and after going through her weight loss schedule.

In the photos, fans quickly noticed that Tammy had reduced immensely as they noticed changes in her face and forehead. A lot of them commented on how beautiful her eyes were, which was earlier hidden by her puffed up cheeks. Though she still has a lot of work out to do, it is great that she is making significant progress.

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Tammy Slaton Has Found Love

Tamy is looking so healthy and full of life these days, as she revealed she was falling in love with her body. Fans will expect that she continues to go about her weight loss with more determination.

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  1. kim says

    she is and will be very beautiful!

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  3. Sandra Shackelford says

    You are very beautiful inside and out and you were like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon and your beauty well just shine as it always has God bless you always my dear and may the stars get brighter and brighter for you and your new journey to come

  4. Pam says

    Happy for you keep up the good work. I too am on a weight loss journey. And it gets really hard.

    1. Rachel Roberts says

      You are very beautiful keep up the good work. LOVE YOU SWEETIE!

  5. Sherry Arrington says

    Keep go4, you look beautiful.

  6. Lori isaacs says

    Tammy keep up the good work. Proud of you losing your weight. Keep up the great work.

  7. Peachez Judge says

    Great job Tammy, I always had faith that you could do it. So congratulations on your endeavors and it’s only up from here sweetheart. Continue to do great things, smile and tell yourself everyday that you can do it GOOD LUCK

  8. Nope says

    Okay, but like… where are the pictures?

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  10. Anne says

    Only 99.9% to go!

  11. Lisa Wills says

    She looks so pretty. Keep up the great work! Prayers for you on your journey. Wishing I could have the surgery done but I have gastroparesis and cannot have any kind of gastrointestinal surgery. I am 130 lbs overweight for my height, 5 feet tall
    I was only 98 lbs all through college and 140 was my highest at 9 months pregnant.its hard to do! I tried keto and seeing as I’m not a diabetic,, the meds the weight loss doctor gave me almost destroyed my kidneys . I’m 56 years old and I will lose it, Just need great influences like you!

  12. Rhonda Mccoy says

    I had gastric bypass 30 years ago. I weigh 150 and still keeping it off. My son had it 6 months ago and has lost almost 100 pounds. It is a miracle surgery but important to take care of yourself and not worry about everyone else. Trust in God and he will help you.

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