1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Reveals She Attempted Suicide

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Reveals She Attempted Suicide1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates suggest that Tammy Slaton opens up about her suicide attempt and how her childhood led to her lifelong struggle with depression.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton Had A Traumatic Childhood

1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton often talks about her traumatic childhood. Tammy says that they did not receive a lot of love. Both Amy and her sister Tammy claim that they did not receive hugs and that they mother was somewhat mentally abusive. Tammy says that their family did not have a lot of money and fast food was all they could afford growing up.

However, Amy further explains that sometimes they had no food, and the local church provided their meals. Tammy blames their rough life for her weight problems. Tammy also admits that she once tried to commit suicide only to realize how much she wanted to live. Now Tammy and Amy spend their time attempting to entertain their fans on their YouTube channels. Do Tammy and Amy get the love they need from their fans?

Tammy Slaton Suffers From Depression

1000 Lb. Sisters Tammy discusses how she copes with a deep depression. Tammy feels that she is unlovable because of her size and struggles with that daily. Tammy even believes that her family finds her unlovable because of her size. Tammy says she was bullied at school over her size and especially the shape of her forehead which has often been mentioned.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Reveals She Attempted Suicide

However, Tammy also says that her mother used to refer to her as ugly, stupid, and even fat. Tammy says at one point she did not leave her home for six years because of these issues. However, we have seen Tammy venture out occasionally with her sister Amy Halterman and husband Michael Halterman.

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Tammy Slaton Has Been In The Hospital

1000-lb Sisters Tammy has had issues with blood clots in the past and with her current health issues it is having to keep them from forming in her legs. With Tammy’s limited mobility a clot in her leg could easily move to her lung. Tammy states that recently she has been hospitalized again because of a clot that traveled to her lung called a pulmonary embolism. Tammy says that this clot almost killed her.

1000-lb Sisters Tammy has gone into a facility to help her to manage her weight issues but seems to have had issues there as well. Tammy feels that this was her only choice since none of her weight loss partners have waited for her to reach her goal before having surgery without her. Tammy admits that she cannot stop eating and does not know why. Perhaps Tammy needs to include some psychotherapy in her treatment plan to help reach her goals.

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  1. Chris says

    Why do we glorify these strange women in the first place? What have they done to deserve such attention except be weird.. I feel sorry for them because they are being used by the media as curiosities because of their looks and odd personalities. People flock to watch their messed up lives like they were circus freaks. Its dispicable!

    1. Rose Gosch says

      I love Tammy and Amy. They just need attention and kindness and love. They should never go see their horrible mom. I hope Tammy loses weight and finds a new love.

  2. Rose Gosch says

    I love Tammy and Amy. They need kindness and respect and love. They shouldn’t see their horrible mom anymore. I hope Tammy loses weight and finds a new love

  3. Diana says

    Tammy better wise up!!!. Amy is fed up her family is so tired of Tammy’s B.S!! I would too…..I’m not hating on Tammy but crap!!! Grow Up!!!!. Take responsibility for yourself Tammy you are a grown ass woman act like one !. I see how much you blame everyone but yourself!!!. I had the gastric bypass over 20 years ago. I am doing good at a great weight and stopped blaming everyone but myself. I feel Tammy should do the same to save her life!. I watch you guys all the time ,and great job!!! Chris you are rocking it and by the way Chris you Crack me up!!! DONT CHANGE YOUR FUNNY!!! AMY YOU ARE TOO!!!. Tammy work it girl life is good so live it best of luck to you all!!! Your friend and supporter,Diana

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