1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Slammed For Weight Loss Failure Excuses (Video)

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Slammed For Weight Loss Failure Excuses (Video)1000-Lb Sisters spoilers and updates reveal when TLC first introduced viewers to the stars of “1000-Lb Sisters,” audiences were delighted with the relationship between siblings Tammy and Amy Slaton. From their humor to their shared desire to lose weight, the sisters seemed determined to improve their lives.

But the episodes gradually have shown a change in Tammy and Amy’s sisterhood, and it revolves around their weight loss success. Amy, who started out at 406 pounds, and Tammy, who began the show weighing 608 pounds, didn’t seem to be equally motivated.

Amy longed to have a child. After her marriage, she achieved her dream while also achieving 100-pound weight loss. In contrast, Tammy lost 49 pounds.

Now some viewers are questioning whether Tammy really wants to continue to improve her health in the same way as Amy. See the video below to see if you agree with the comments!

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Does Tammy Slaton Truly Desire To Win At Weight Loss Compared to Amy and Chris?

The social media platform Reddit is known for having participants who, while not always kind, are always honest about their viewers. The community devoted to the 1,000 Sisters is no exception.

One post, for example, focused on the question of whether Tammy truly wants to lose weight. The Reddit member pointed out that many viewers are “commenting on Tammy’s lack of progress [with weight loss], compared to Amy & Chris, and her complete noncompliance with the program.”

Chris Combs, the brother of Amy and Tammy, has become famed for his straight-forward approach to the family’s health situation. And as the Reddit user noted, Chris wanted to feel better and become healthy, while Amy longed to have a baby. Those motivating factors helped the two 1000-Lb Sisters stars to lose much more weight than Tammy.

“Tammy doesn’t have any goals for herself,” claimed the Reddit user. “This is why Tammy is never going to succeed – she has zero ACTUAL reason to want to do the work.”

As for why Tammy would want to go on 1000-Lb Sisters, some viewers observed that she appeared to think that she could lose weight effortlessly through weight loss surgery. They also slammed her for appearing to feel that she could be paid by just “joking around” with her sister.

“I imagine that Tammy was SHOCKED when Amy, and then Chris took the program seriously and did the work and lost weight,” added the user.

1000-Lb Sisters Viewers Slam Tammy, Question Her Future: Watch the Video!

Some 1000-Lb Sisters viewers also noted that Tammy often seems angry at the fact that Amy and Chris have achieved their goals.

“They’ve had to put up with so much because Tammy refuses to get help or seek out therapy,” noted one Reddit user. “I’m sure it’s frustrating feeling like you have to rely on everyone, but she could legit become independent if she just started taking her health and weight loss seriously.”

A YouTube video posted by TLC contained similar comments slamming Tammy.

Several commentators noted that Chris uses a very direct approach when he challenges Tammy.

“Chris looked so offended when Tammy said “I’ve been trying,” pointed out one 1,000-Lb Sisters viewer.

And another noted that Chris appears to be the voice of reason in the family.

“I know Chris may sound rude, but he’s the only one telling her what she NEEDS to hear. I really hope she loses her weight and is able to achieve a healthy life,” summed up the fan.

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