1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Starts A New Weight Loss Programme

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Starts A New Weight Loss Programme1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates reveals Tammy Slaton star of the TLC series is finally determined to get rid of the excess body by going through the rigors of a new physical activity. Fans of the show are let in on her progress as she recently shared her workout move on social media.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton Working On Reducing Her Weight Of 665 pounds

Tammy has worked her way into the hearts of most fans of 1000-lb Sisters with her determination to become a better version of herself through a healthier lifestyle. Well, it has not been easy as she expected, as it seems she is adding more instead of reducing. The usual thing for someone in Tammy’s shoes is to take time and find out the best way to reduce weight. However, Tammy does not have the luxury of taking time out to find out the best workout schedule. If she wants to be eligible for weight loss surgery, she needs to quickly reduce her weight.

When she stood on the weight scale of recent, Tammy weighed in at 665 pounds. That was not good news for her, as it meant she had added an extra twenty pounds from the previous time. Her brother and training partner, Chris Combs said it was a mystery as to where she added extra weight from, as whenever she stood on the scale to check her progress, she seemed to add exactly twenty pounds to her previous weight.
Well, it does seem that all that is about to change. Tammy recently shared with viewers some dancing moves she is using to hasten her weight loss.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Starts A New Weight Loss Programme

Tammy Slaton Deeks Professional Help To Lose Weight

Towards the end of season two of 1000-lb Sisters, viewers got to experience how the members of Tammy’s family got riled up and demanded that she lose weight. It was not a pleasant scene seeing the rest of the Slaton family team up and issue Tammy with a weight loss ultimatum- she either takes steps to reduce her weight or they turn her into an outcast. After a lengthy argument, Tammy finally submits to her family’s wishes.

At this point, no one knows where she is undergoing her physical workouts, though a few fans are guessing it is a facility located in Wisconsin. Tammy cannot disclose the location of the facility because of the terms of the contract she signed before becoming a cast member of the 1000-lb Sisters show. But that could be revealed in the upcoming season three of the show.

One certain thing is that Tammy will always keep her fans in the loop as regards her progress.

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Tammy Slaton Keeps In Touch With Fans Of The Show

In every spare time she gets, Tammy reaches out to fans on social media. She has always replied to comments and questions from fans and discloses new things about her weight loss journey. She is seen going through a few dance moves in a recent video with a fan observing that she has lost weight. We hope she achieves her weight loss goals very soon.

  1. Tammy Morgan says

    You look like you have lost weight, keep it up you are beautiful

  2. Susan LaBelle says

    Hi Tammy I truly love watching your show and I think you’re a wonderful person and you are going to make it I can’t believe how wonderful you do at the size you are keep it up girl I got married at 400 lb I now weigh 161 and I’ve been married 52 years love you much

  3. Dawnaleigh Young says

    Keep up the good work proud of you

  4. Dyrene says

    Keep up the weight loss and positive attitude!

  5. Carrell Pyrdeck says


  6. Ruthe says

    Tammy think POSITIVE. It’s only food. You CAN do this Walking everyday is definitely going to help. Ask Jesus to hold your hand thru all of this dieting and you will lose the weight. Promise. Pretty soon those men are going to be knocking down your door. The best of luck to you. Go get ‘em girl

  7. Theresa says

    Tammy Keep on Keeping on!!!!
    You’ve Got This!!!!
    I love your show!!!!
    Please keep your fans in the loop!!!!!

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  9. Darla Kriner says

    Tammy, keep up the great job. You can do this. I love the show with you and Amy. For some reason you 2 have caught my heart. I love watching your show and wish to see more. When is the next season starting.Hang in there girl, you got this.

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