1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Viewers React To TLC Decision to Renew TLC Show

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Viewers React To TLC Decision to Renew TLC Show1000-Lb Sisters fans, rejoice! TLC just announced that the channel will renew the show starring Amy and Tammy Slaton for a third season.

The first two seasons of 1000-lb Sisters focused on introducing viewers to sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton. Episodes have ranged from humor to heartbreak, with Tammy and Amy appearing fully aware of the dangers of their obesity while struggling to change.

Learn more about 1000-Lb Sisters’ success and the reaction to the renewal of the show for a third season below. Plus don’t miss the video clip of the 1000-Lb Sisters battle below!

1000-Lb Sisters Gets Third Season Renewal for Amy and Tammy Slaton

1000-Lb Sisters starring Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton has received strong ratings episode after episode. As a result, TLC announced the renewal of the show, giving 1,000-lb Sisters a third season.

Amy and Tammy Slaton have captivated viewers with their honesty about their lives. From Kentucky, the sisters have sought to show every aspect of their battles with weight as well as their humor.

While some reality TV shows stumble after a tell-all first season, 1000-Lb Sisters captured even more viewers in the second season by turning the camera on Amy and her husband. Their pregnancy followed Amy’s weight-loss surgery in the first season.

And while viewers cheered for the birth of Amy’s baby, they also were intrigued by the very different path that her sister Tammy followed. Tammy seemed to have more struggles with weight loss.

1000-Lb Sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton Get Strong Reaction From Viewers Over Renewal

Responding to the renewal of 1000-Lb Sisters, one viewer wrote, “So excited to see TLC has approved another season of 1000-lb Sister. For a mid age overweight (fat) woman, I know the struggles of being fat does to women.”

The viewer also suggested that Tammy seek to put together “a support group of women working together on losing weight and discussing their struggles in past and present life” for the third season.

Another 1000-Lb Sisters fan wrote, “This year is the first year I ever watched the show and I really loved…the two sisters because they have a good sister bond.”

Several viewers urged Tammy to continue her efforts to shed the pounds. As one wrote, “Don’t be discouraged, you just do what you got to do. Can’t wait to see yall for season 3.”

1000-Lb Sisters Stars Tammy and Amy Slaton Battle On YouTube: Watch!

TLC recently shared a YouTube video clip of the 1000-Lb Sisters stars Amy and Tammy Slaton battling. In the video, Tammy is shown facing challenges to follow her diet.

And it doesn’t help Tammy’s weight loss efforts when Amy nags her sister to exercise more. The result? A major fight between the sisters.

Commentators for the video tended to side with Amy. As one wrote, “Amy just had zero shame in telling her sister what she needs to hear. What a legend!”

Watch below and see whether you’re on Team Amy or Team Tammy!

  1. Dawn Barber says

    I watch the show from day one I’m glad to here both sisters are doin good my heart went out to them with all the problems they have had but I new they would get better stay strong don’t listen to negative people I’ll be watching next season that baby is a little cutie congrats take care

  2. Ruth Harmon says

    I’ve watched from the beginning, it really helps to understand the struggles they have been through, love to laugh with them, hang in there ladies we all have a right to enjoy our lives ❤

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