Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Matt Brown Bashes Dead Dad, Billy Brown Took All Money

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Matt Bashes Dead Dad, Billy Brown Took All Money, Left Son Cold And HungryAlaskan Bush People spoilers reveal that Matt Brown is on a series of venting sessions. After laying low for months, he eventually opened up about his father’s death. He said that they patched things up. However, he’s changed his tune. In another Instagram rant post, he said Billy Brown took all the money earned from the show, leaving Matt cold and hungry.

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Drugs, Alcohol, And Rape Allegations

Alaskan Bush People spoilers reveal that Matt has gone through his share of troubles over the years. He has experienced problems with both drugs and alcohol. Not too long ago, his troubles deepened when two women claimed that Matt sexually assaulted them. After those accusations went viral, Matt went off social media and seemed to disappear.

Reconciled With Billy Brown

Alaskan Bush People spoilers reveal that in February 2021, Billy died. Many of Billy and Ami Brown’s children came forward to talk about the patriarch. Matt was included and he said that he knew his father wasn’t going to live much longer. So, he visited him, and the two patched things up. It seemed that Matt was on the road to recovery and doing well at that time.

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Matt Bashes Dead Dad, Billy Brown Took All Money, Left Son Cold And Hungry

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Not Accepted

Matt went on an Instagram rant recently, his first in a while, in which he claimed not to be accepted. He didn’t mention that the people not accepting him was his family. However, many fans believe that is exactly who Matt was talking about. He claimed that he’s not accepted because of his past addiction problems and claimed to be sober for the past year. However, it is more likely that the issue with Matt stems from the sexual assault allegations.


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Billy Brown Took All The Money

In a brand new Instagram rant, Matt claimed that his father was controlling. He said Billy controlled everything, which included him taking every single cent from the reality show. He added that he was “cold and hungry.”

“Everybody’s told me that other people’s secrets aren’t mine to tell, but they’re destroying me, and they’ve been destroying me for a long time. I’m cold, and I don’t have any money. And I hardly have anything to eat… We made a lot of money off the show, and because my dad controlled everything, all the money went to him… I didn’t have any money or anything. My dad kept that all.”

Did Matt Brown Relapse?

This is a sharp contrast to how Matt spoke about his father in February. It also seems like a personality switch, which has fans wondering if Matt has relapsed. If he has, let’s hope he can get the help he needs before it’s too late.

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