Audrey Roloff Shares No Easter Egg Pics of Her Kids This Year

Audrey Roloff Shares No Easter Egg Pics of Her Kids This YearAudrey Roloff took to her Instrgam on April 5 and shared a set of photos from Easter. One day late, she explained why she didn’t share any on Easter Sunday. However, none of the photos revealed the kids enjoying any sort of treats or eggs. Why is that? Well, we checked back a few years, and it’s not unusual for the Little People, Big World alum.

Audrey Roloff And Jeremy’s Kids Don’t Feature With Easter Eggs Or Treats

Reality TV stars dished plenty of photos of their kids this Easter. As usual, fans adored all of them as they relate to the fun of chocolate, dyed eggs, and treats. However, Audrey didn’t share any photos of Bode or Ember tucking into their treats. Well, she explained why they shared the photos a day late. It seems that they prefer to focus on the religious aspect from a Christian viewpoint. In her caption, the Little People, Big World alum said they took the day off social media.

The TLC alum noted that she loves Easter because Jesus rose from the dead on that day. Additionally, Audrey Roloff invited fans to go and check out “season 2 episode one of @thechosentvseries.” In her post, the kids both posed with their parents, but none of them showed the kids enjoying fun with eggs and treats. Of course, that doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy some of them, but Audrey doesn’t push the commercial side of the annual celebration.

Last Year, Hunting Down A Photo With Treats Wasn’t Easy

Checks back on posts by Audrey Roloff, revealed that last year, she shied away from the aspect of chocolate and treats as well. Admittedly, baby Bode seemed too small to enjoy any. Once again, her set of photos dated April 13, 2020, showed that the LPBW alum focused on the religious angle. She talked about the “power and “glory” of Jesus. After scrolling through eight photos, finally, a photo of Ember popped up. In it, she held a little basket, presumably with eggs in it.

In April 2019, Audrey Roloff shared a photo of herself and Jeremy with Ember, and again, no eggs or treats featured at all. Clearly, from her very religious standpoint, promoting treats and the commercialization of the holiday doesn’t sit well with her. Fans who hope for fun photos would do better to check out Audrey’s sister-in-law’s photos. Tori also attends church, but she shared pictures of Jackson and Lilah loving the celebration.

In the photos that Tori shared on Easter Eve, Jackson helped with dying the eggs and the kids had a blast playing while the Easter treats were prepared. Mind you, on Easter Sunday she also left out photos of the kids enjoying eggs and treats. Rather, like Audrey, on that day, she shared about how they appreciate their holiday as Resurrection Day.

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