Counting On Spoilers: Jinger Duggar Responds to Split Rumors

Counting On Spoilers: Jinger Duggar Responds to Split RumorsCounting On spoilers and updates reveals for months, rumors about Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar having relationship issues have been circulating. The rumors seemed to focus on the couple having difficulties in their marriage and struggling as they adjust to raising their two daughters.

It’s unclear what exactly started these rumors, but they ran rampant, causing Duggar fans to be concerned about the couple. Fans weren’t sure whether they would actually split, especially due to their religious beliefs. Divorce is frowned upon in Christian fundamentalist religions. Still,

Counting On Spoilers – Jeremy Vuolo Slammed In The Past

In the past, Jeremy has been slammed for not being a good husband to Jinger. In videos, fans thought it looked like he was controlling Jinger and didn’t give her a chance to talk. Other fans thought he was changing her too much and expecting her to be a different person by encouraging her to dye her hair and dress differently.

While fans don’t know if Jeremy is truly controlling Jinger or if he’s trying to make her act a certain way, they have been begging for answers about whether they are splitting up.

Counting On Updates – Jinger Vuolo reassures fans about her relationship

In her Instagram stories, Jinger gave fans an opportunity to ask her questions. She addressed all kinds of topics, and some were serious and others were more lighthearted. One question that came up during this question-and-answer session is whether Jinger and Jeremy are okay. The fan refers to the divorce rumors that have been spread lately. They wrote, “You two seem super happy! Are you? Rumors you’re not…”

In response to the question, Jinger shared a selfie of herself and Jeremy. Along with the photo, Jinger writes, “Yes! We are doing very well!”

Then, she goes on to explain that the rumors are all false, saying, “Sadly, people love to write up false narratives about us.” She ends her response on a positive note, writing, “I am happier than ever and enjoying marriage with this fun guy and being a mom to our sweet girls.”

So, it sounds like Jinger and Jeremy are doing well and the rumors are simply speculation. It’s possible that things aren’t going so well behind the scenes, but Jinger and Jeremy are sharing the story that they are not splitting up. Fans aren’t totally sure if they should believe them, and they wonder if the couple is actually happy. They also point out that Jinger and Jeremy wouldn’t necessarily share their marriage troubles publicly.

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