Dancing With the Stars News: Could Tom Bergeron Return to the ABC Dance Show?

Dancing With the Stars News: Could Tom Bergeron Return to the ABC Dance Show?Dancing With the Stars spoilers divulges that many fans who miss longtime host Tom Bergeron are wondering if he might make a comeback in the show’s ballroom?

He had a huge following among fans before being booted off before the last season began. He along with cohost Erin Andrews were replaced by solo host Tyra Banks. It was a controversial move in some corners, although by all appearances Banks will be back as host. During her tenure for Season 29 ratings were up slightly.

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Will Tom Bergeron Come Back to the Dance Competition Show?

There will always be a cadre of fans who wish and hope to see Tom back onscreen again, perhaps in whatever role that the show would give him.

Now the fan fave has got tongues wagging after sharing a mysterious tweet on his Twitter profile. What exactly has got fans talking about a possible comeback?

Fans Wonder if Tom Bergeron Will Return to the Show

The former host posted a clip of Al Pacino‘s Michael Corleone from the movie The Godfather: Part III, “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” Bergeron also tweeted these words: “Stay tuned…”

What does this mean? It could mean anything about anything! DWTS fans will have fingers crossed that it means he is being pulled back into the dance show. After Season 28, it was announced that Bergeron and cohost Erin Andrews would not be back for Season 29 and that disappointed millions of viewers.

Change is often hard and some loyal fans were not happy that the show had been tweaked without their stamp of approval. They didn’t have to wait long to find out who the new host was however as shortly after Bergeron and Andrew’s exit, Tyra Banks was announced as the new host.

Dancing With the Stars News: Could Tom Bergeron Return to the ABC Dance Show?

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Is Tom Bergeron Making a Comeback?

Bergeron had been with the show since day one. Now that Season 30 has been announced, is it time for him to return in some form or fashion?

All of this speculation is just that. To be clear there has been no official word about Tom and a possible comeback to DWTS, from either the ex-host or the show.

But his tweet has got fans on the edge of their seats, hopeful that there might be a chance to see him again in Season 30 next fall.

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