Erin Paine Takes A Dig At The Bates Sisters With Instagram Photo

Erin Paine Takes A Dig At The Bates Sisters With Instagram PhotoErin Paine recently uploaded an adorable photo of her four kids on Instagram, with a lot of her followers commenting on how sweet the picture looked and her great parenting skills. Another category of fans believed that the photo was an aimed dig at her other sisters of the Bates family.

Erin and her husband, Chad Paine, have four children together- 5-year-old Charles, 4-year-old Brooklyn, 2-year-old Everly, and 15 months old baby, Holland. The Bringing Up Bates couple have always wanted more children to achieve their aim of a large household, but Erin’s recent health problems have put an end to that dream.

In the text under the photo Erin uploaded on Instagram, she says that her kids can’t be perfectly dressed all the time. Instead, she focused on the memories of their childhood years by spending lots of time with her kids, as time will pass and have them all grown up. She advised all moms to tune down on their phone time and spend more time with their kids as they grow up.

Is Erin Taking A Dig At Her Sisters?

Fans on the Reddit page of the Bringing Up Bates reality show made several comments about the Instagram photo uploaded by Erin. A lot of them believe that Erin was taking a dig at one of her sisters specifically, Alyssa Webster. But we never can tell, as Erin could easily have been referring to any of her sisters. Her other sisters, Carline Stweart, and Josie Balka are known by Bringing Up Bates buffs to always dress their kids with so much perfectionism.

One fan of the reality show said that Alyssa was so addicted to social media and was probably making her kids’ life unbearable with all her activity in the social media space, while Erin was more focused on having fun with her four kids, which made her a good parent.

Another fan believed that the Instagram photo uploaded by Erin photo was taking a dig at no other person but Alyssa, who liked showing off her new house and perfectly dressed kids on social media.


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Is Erin Really Taking A Dig At Her Sisters?

Some Bringing Up Bates fans do not feel that Erin was taking a dig at anyone, as they see it as the Instagram post of a joyous mother. They believe that Erin was using social media to harp on the highs and lows of life as a mother, as most mothers do nowadays. After all, there is no perfect mother anywhere on the planet. So, mothers use the social media to help other mom’s cope with life as a mother.

Well, no one knows whether Erin Paine used the Instagram photo as a means of taking a dig at her sisters’. All we know is that the photo is a very beautiful one of her four loving kids.

Fans of Bringing Up Bates can look forward to another enthralling season of the UPtv series coming up soon.

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