Extreme Sisters Spoilers Reveal Full Siblings With Different Parents

Extreme Sisters Spoilers Reveal Full Siblings With Different ParentsExtreme Sisters spoilers emerge for the new TLC show that premieres on Sunday, April 25. Five sets of sisters who seem very close feature in the show. These include Brittany & Briana who each gave birth to a child. Notably, the children are full siblings. Additionally, their dads are different people as well. So, how on earth did that happen?

Extreme Sisters Spoilers – Brittany And Briana Fell Pregnant Together

Brittany and Briana join Patric and Patricia, Brook and Baylee, Anna and Lucy, and Christina and Jessica. They all share one thing in common: an almost obsessive desire to be just like each other. Actually, some of it seems a bit strange as one duo enjoys going about their daily business on the toilet together. Meanwhile, another duo shares a boyfriend and they all sleep together. When the new show arrives, on due share bathwater and underwear. However, that isn’t all that shocking by now as fans already watched sMothered on TLC.

Extreme Sisters spoilers bring quite an interesting aspect with Brittany & Briana. They previously starred on TLC’s Twinsane Wedding in 2019. In their segment on the show, they revealed that they were identical twins. Additionally, they married identical twins, Joshua and Jeremy Salyers. They still remain married and they seem happy enough. However, the twist comes as they all moved into one home together. Interestingly. their friends find it all very strange. Furthermore, they both fell pregnant at the same time. The new show follows their journey as moms living in their big house.

Briana And Her Twin Sister Brittany Have Kids Who Are Full Siblings – How?

Extreme Sisters spoilers reveal that Brittany & Briana get a lot of questions about whether they remain loyal to their respective husbands. So, yes, wipe your dirty mind clean. They don’t swap beds. However, as the twin sisters often dress the same, they might wear the same clothes and waltz into the other sister’s closet area. So, the two couples find it a bit difficult to cope with personal privacy.

The interesting aspect about Extreme Sisters spoilers arrived via ET. The outlet noted that they each birthed one child. Born close to each other they each have a different dad. Jett is five months old. Meanwhile, Jax is one month old. Notably, the “cousins” are actually “full siblings.” If your mind slips toward thinking some bed swapping went on, it certainly didn’t. So how did that happen?

Extreme Sisters Spoilers Reveal Full Siblings With Different Parents

Quaternary multiples in one family

It turns out that Jax and Jet are known as quaternary multiples. Despite different fathers and mothers, each child inherited the same genetic make-up. That only happens when identical twins marry identical twins and have babies. The only thing more interesting about Brittany and Briana would be if they had also each birthed identical twins!

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