Lindsay Arnold Responds To Rumors That She Photoshopped Her Vacation Pictures

Lindsay Arnold Responds To Rumors That She Photoshopped Her Vacation PicturesThe professional dancer, Lindsay Arnold, comes from a large family of dancers. She is the eldest of four daughters, with her three other siblings also professional dancers like her. The Arnold family recently took a vacation to the sunny climate of Florida, to get some skin tan while enjoying the sights of the city. Lindsay uploaded several of the vacation pictures on Instagram, which got some of her followers accusing her of photoshopping some of them.

It is no secret that the Dancing With The Stars celebrity dancer had to undergo a cesarean section when she delivered Sage, her daughter, in November last year. In the photos, the post-cesarean scar is not apparent. Some fans have accused her of removing the cesarean scar on the photos by using photoshopping software. Lindsay has been quick to point out that this wasn’t true via her Instagram page. It is not the first time that the dancer will be addressing rumors by online trolls.

Lindsay Shows Evidence That She Didn’t Photoshop Any Of The Pictures

There is no hiding the fact that Lindsay is recovering well from her cesarean pregnancy. It can be seen with the glowing holiday pictures she uploaded on Instagram. The professional dancer is quick to let her followers know that she didn’t use picture altering software to make any of the pictures look better.

In the uploaded Instagram picture, Lindsay is seen wearing a red bikini with the serene ocean in the background. The star points out that the cesarean scar is just above her bikini thong, and she has no reason to hide it as it is a beautiful reminder of the person she holds most precious in her life, her baby girl Sage. She added that the cesarean scar was perfectly done by her doctors during delivery that it was barely visible, as it was so low that she would have to pull down her bikini thong before it can be seen clearly.

Lindsay Arnold Responds To Rumors That She Photoshopped Her Vacation Pictures

Lindsay Praises The Wonderful Feminine Body Structure With Her C-scar

The dancing celebrity of the ABC series, Dancing With The Stars, is a strong campaigner of the wonderful and natural beauty of the feminine gender. She says she is so proud of delivering her daughter through cesarean section and is even more proud to show people her cesarean scar. In another post on Instagram to address the small matter of been accused of using photoshop to alter sections of her body, Lindsay says she is proud to say that she has never used photoshopping software on any of her pictures.

She went on to add that the bodies of women are capable of carrying out surprising feats. Several of her Instagram followers leaped to the defense of the professional dancer, calling out the online trollers for their insensitivity. For her female followers who have also given birth to their kids through cesarean section, they confirmed Lindsay’s fact that the cesarean scar is so low and neatly done these days that it can be barely seen when wearing a swimsuit.

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