Married At First Sight Spoilers: Dr. Pepper Rescues Season 12 – Calls Chris An EXTROARDINARY Narcissist

Married At First Sight: Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that finally, sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz has come to the rescue! Fans of MAFS have been waiting all season for one of the experts to come forward and save the season, and here it is!

In an intimate interview with Paige Banks, posted on MAFS Instagram, Dr. Pepper tells her, “you are a superior human being and if he (Chris Williams) wasn’t such an extraordinary narcissist, I am not going to mince words on my opinion, he would recognize that, and I don’t want you to take that garbage. And, so many women, particularly under these kinds of circumstances, take it on themselves and that somehow, they weren’t something enough, and that is not the lesson to get here, because you deserve, so much better.”

Married At First Sight Spoilers – What Are The MAFS Fan’s Reaction?

What happened with Paige, should never have happened, period. Pastor Calvin Roberson knew before they got married that there were issues with Chris – we all witnessed it when he visited Chris at the barber and he made it clear from the beginning that he didn’t want to pick him. Fans are quick to react to Dr. Pepper’s conversation with Page, one MAFS fan said, “Dr. Pepper is speaking the TRUTH! Let’s call a spade ♠️ a spade!! He is all about himself and has been since the beginning. Move the f*** on Paige!” and another, “About time the experts spoke up !!! What took so long, ratings? Close the door on this moment and prepare yourself for the gifts to come. One of the great things to come out of this is the exposure. You have been introduced to hundreds of potential new husbands.” and “YES! 👏 #MarriedAtFirstSight.

Married At First Sight Updates – Where Does Page Banks Go From Here?

Paige blamed herself and put Chris on a pedestal of “being a man of God.” Dr. Pepper made a mistake matching these two and although it is very late in the process, it is a positive move that she has publicly come out and said what most of the MAFS fans were thinking, Paige and Chris’ pairing was garbage! MAFS keeping this farce of a marriage going was reprehensible and we can only hope that Paige gets the counseling that she needs to move on. As one MAFS fan said, Paige has certainly gotten a lot of exposure and perhaps that will open up the door to her finding the true partner that she deserves to have a happily ever after that she was searching for when she signed up for the show.

Hopefully, MAFS has learned from the outrage of their fans that “this” cannot happen again. We need to go back to the reason why we all got hooked on this show, to begin with, the hopes of people finding ever-lasting love.

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  1. Annie says

    Chris should have been kicked out months ago..what a mess…he is sooo ugly..has he ever looked in the mirror??? Sad Paige had to leave they should have had HER

    have a line up with three nice men. She could pick one..and maybe stay on the show and bond with a nice guy…sad they did t think of that instead of letting her go….not good…she deserved a better guy.l

  2. Marilyn Martin says

    I totally agree that the experts should have lined up another man that is genuine and can love and respect Paige like she so deserves! Maybe Paige will be on the next season! Chris is a hot mess— He is the epitome of narcissism and no woman should put up with his CRAP!

  3. Pam Mac says

    I am at a loss for inappropriate words to describe that sleeze ball pos, chris. I can’t think of any female low enough to be paired with him.
    Paige is an intelligent beautiful woman. To pair her with that clown was catastrophic!!!
    I pray she can move on from this debacle and continue to improve her life!
    I hope he burns in hell!

  4. Jacelene says

    Paige is too good for Chris , this shouldn’t never had happen to her, I pray she don’t blame herself Chris is not a prize, God didn’t seem this man to her man did,Chris is going to end up alone but what does that matter that’s all that he cares about , I pray for the mom of his baby she’s stuck with him in her life.Keep smiling Paige you are a true Queen and God will send you a true King.

  5. Sarah says

    I was very disappointed in the experts. They are,after all, the ones who are supposed to pick the perfect matches. Chris and Paige should have never been matched, but there are others as well. I found myself wondering if they throw some couples together knowing that it will create sensattional drama. If so, this isn’t fair to the people or to the loyal viewers. Do better, experts.

  6. Sheila says

    Paige is such a smart & beautiful girl. I hope she finds someone who loves & appreciates the lovely woman she is.

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