Married At First Sight Spoilers: Erik Lake Wants A ‘1950s’ Housewife

Married At First Sight: Erik Lake

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that cast member Erik Lake would have been thrilled with a “1950s” housewife. The 34-year-old pilot has said that he wants a wife sitting at home alone while he is jet-setting around the world. It’s totally fine for Erik to want that, but the person he was matched with, is by no means anywhere near that type.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Who is Virginia Coombs?

Virginia is Erik’s new wife who he was matched with on MAFS. She is a 26-year-old Account Coordinator who acts like a teenager, wanting to drink and party all the time and pass out on “friend’s” couches.

No matter who you are, a married woman passing out on an ex-sexual partner’s couch is just weird. Any man would not want his drunk wife doing that. The cameras have also shown fans that Virginia drinks excessively and looks happier when she does.

Virginia has admitted that she runs at the first sign of trouble, and leaves people before they can leave her. She has also said that she is late for work every day, prioritizes drinking and friends over marriage, thinks renting an apartment is a smarter choice than moving into a condo that her husband owns, and she comes across as much younger than her age. It doesn’t appear that Virginia is ready to give up her carefree life to be a suburban mom with a minivan full of kids.

Married At First Sight Updates – More About Erik Lake

MAFS cast member, Erik doesn’t share Virginia’s drinking “hobby,” and he has told her about her sleeping on guy’s couches, “I don’t like you sleeping over at your guy friend’s house ever, regardless of the situation.” Erik was married before and there is definitely some damage from that first marriage. Erik is not progressive and not willing to compromise on his core values. He wants an adoring wife with an “obedient” dog, who answers to his beck and call.

Erik wants to settle down with the right woman for him, sadly, that woman does not appear to be Virginia. If the situation was reversed and Erik was hanging out with a flight attendant who he had known for years, at her house, then started drinking with her and passed out on her couch; we doubt that Virginia would be ok with that.

Erik and Virginia are obliviously attracted to each other, but Eric is more traditional and Virginia more progressive. Neither is wrong, they just aren’t a match for each other.

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