Married At First Sight Spoilers: Haley And Jacob’s BRACELET GATE Truth

Married At First Sight: Haley Harris and Jacob Harder

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Haley Harris, 28 years old and an Account Executive was matched with Jacob Harder, 28 years old and a Senior IT Analyst.

At first, fans thought these two would hit it off. Jacob loves his dogs, already owns his own home, is a bit nerdy, and loves, well is obsessed, with the ’80s. Haley on the other hand loves her dog as well, and even though she has said that she wasn’t born in the ’80s, her fashion style really leans towards Culture Club from the ’80s and she comes off nerdy as well.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – When Did ‘Bracelet Gate’ Begin?

Jake was so excited about meeting his future wife that he dished out eight hundred dollars on an infinity bracelet for her. When he met his bride at the alter, she didn’t have the bracelet on, rather, she gave it to her mother to keep for her. Some might say it is only a bracelet, but the proper and polite thing to do would be to wear the gift you’re intended to give, on your wedding day.

Or at the very least, you would think Haley would take the bracelet home and wear it during her honeymoon or when she got home afterward. Instead, Haley leaves the bracelet with her mother, who lives in another state, and doesn’t ever ask to have it back. Worse, she didn’t even take it out of the box at the wedding, she thought it was a necklace, not a bracelet. Actions of a spoiled princess!

MAFS fans really don’t think the whole issue is about the bracelet for Jake, it is about Haley’s lack of enthusiasm and lack of consideration for the gift, and how it made him feel. He did end up telling her, with exasperation, how much he paid for it, but it seemed more out of frustration for her never even thinking, “maybe I should get that bracelet back from my mom.”

Married at First Sight Spoilers – Haley Harris Wants Her Cake And To Eat It Too

Haley has made it very known on many occasions that she doesn’t like how Jake dresses. She even went so far as buying him new clothes for him to wear when he is with her. Jake took it all in stride and wore the clothes to make her happy. She definitely could have done the same thing, got the bracelet back, and wore it for him. He gave her the bracelet to show that he was committed to being in the relationship for infinity and she disregarded the meaning of the gift, and their marriage.

When Jake sees the episode back about the bracelet, he is going to see Hailey tell her mom that he asked for the bracelet back, and he did not. When Dr. Pepper found out about the bracelet on her visit, she was shocked and Haley tried to make Jake feel crazy for feeling hurt by the situation.

“Bracelet Gate” is not about the bracelet, it is about Haley having no regard for Jake and his feelings. She is so fake trying not to look bad, but MAFS fans are seeing right through it.

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