Married At First Sight Spoilers: Jamie Otis Is TIRED Of The Insensitive Comments

Married At First Sight: Jamie Otis

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Jamie Otis is known for participating in the very first season of MAFS where she met her husband, Doug Hehner. Although, Jamie is probably best known for saying about Doug, “My husband was so ugly I collapsed like a boneless chicken at my wedding.” Many fans were not happy with that comment when Jamie made it, and sadly, Jamie has sort of made it her calling card, she says it so often. Fans really get irked by that comment, and can you blame them?

One fan said on Reddit, “the CONSTANT posts about how she didn’t find Doug attractive it’s ridiculous. Imagine getting on Instagram to see your wife has taken a picture of you doing something and being like “Idk how I didn’t find him attractive before” just reminding the world once a week that she once thought you were ugly 😭 I don’t know how he’s not reached his limit with her.”

Married At First Sight Spoilers – What Are The Insensitive Comments?

If you follow Jamie on social media you know that she literally posts every single second of her life. She is actually the one who mentioned on social media that she thought her husband was cheating on her, then when people reacted in a negative way, she got irritated and called their comments “insensitive.” MAFS fans really like Doug, he is an awesome dad and super supportive to Jamie, and they didn’t like the accusations. Besides, who makes an accusation like that to the world?

Married At First Sight Jamie posts everything, date nights with Doug, her children, breastfeeding, and a ton of photos that appear to be staged. The accusation Jamie made is that Doug cheated on her with their nanny. Why would Jamie make that public, why not talk to Doug instead of her social media followers?

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Is Jamie Otis’ Fan Base Slipping?

Fans have already made negative comments about Jamie sharing her home birth on social media, acting like she is “morbidly obese,” “dragging out her 15 minutes of fame,” and saying that she is “seriously addicted to Instagram likes.”

On the other side of this, some fans think that Jamie’s posts are empowering to other mothers who possibly struggle with weight gain after pregnancy. They also give her major props for sharing her struggle with postpartum depression.

What are your thoughts? Do you find her annoying or empowering? One thing is for certain, if Jamie doesn’t want people to comment on her dirty laundry, she shouldn’t air it.

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  1. joy says

    Jamie should just stop. Who cares?

  2. PM2901 says

    I 100% believe Doug has cheated on Jaime. They have not had s* ex in 9 months (and counting). According to her, he leaves the house “to go to the store” and comes back 4 hours later. Uh. . .if THAT’S not a red flag, I don’t know what is! She regularly reminds the world that she thought he was ugly. I’m sure he’s sick of that and I’m sure there are lots of ladies who slip into his DMs and tells him how great he is and will hook him up with some good s * ex if his wife won’t. I don’t have a problem with Jaime’s weight gain. It happens. But I do have a problem with her clothes on the MAFS shows she hosts. YIKES!!!! What, Lifetime can’t provide her with a stylist?! She CLEARLY shops for her own clothes. They’re not only ugly, but they don’t compliment her figure at all! She looks like somebody’s grandmother! She must not have any friends because I would never let my good friend go on the air looking like that.

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