Married At First Sight Spoilers: Unmatchables – Everything You Need To Know

Married at First Sight: Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Viviana Coles

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that the Unmatchables spinoff will air on Wednesday, April 21st. The show will feature sixteen unmatched Married at First Sight applicants. They will get makeovers, suggested lifestyle changes, and relationship advice from Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Viviana Coles. Lifetime released a synopsis, “Each season we see so many amazing, complex and charming people that apply for the main show, but we simply can’t match everyone. Unmatchables allows these people a shot at love following our expert-led interventions and transformations.”

The makeovers for the “diamonds in the rough” will be fun with Pastor Cal and Viviana directly involved, which haven’t seen in a while. Following their transformations, the Unmatchables will go on dates in the hopes of finding a significant other and their partner for life. They were chosen out of 65,000 people who have applied in the past to be on MAFS. Cast member and expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, will not be participating in this new spinoff.

Married At First Sight – Who Are The Women?

Ashli, 32 years old, a pastor’s daughter who doesn’t like to be intimate and she has bad gas. Danielle, 29 years old, a conspiracy theorist who would welcome many husbands in marriage. Evan-Nicole, 24 years old, a bossy hairdresser who interrogates her dates and needs to be taught bathroom etiquette. Gabrielle, 27 years old has a great sense of humor and judgemental. Megan, 27 years old, a junk foodie who has trust issues. Renise, 33 years old who likes to be spanked, and loves wizards and magic. Stephanie, 39 years old wants a husband who can afford her expensive lifestyle.

Married At First Sight – Who Are The Men?

Brandon, 24 years old loves to party all day and has no time for relationships. Caleb, 26 years old says he just has to smile to get a date. Chaz, 30 years old is an ICY nurse and serial dater. Clyde, 30 years old is a clean freak and a loveable dork. Erwin, 37 years old with four broken engagements, is a “runaway” groom. Frank, 29 years old, fails to live in the moment and satisfies his parents more than himself. Niraj, 29 years old is a mechanical engineer who has been a bachelor for 15 years, Sam, 29 years old and has a wild style who thinks he is the life of the party. Xavius, 25 years old and is a funeral director who needs to relax and smell the roses.

There are some pretty wild hopefuls, the franchise teases that the transformations are going to be big and we can’t wait to see them all. This upcoming season is going to be like watching “Extreme Makeover” meets Married At First Sight.

Sam is the first same-sex couple in the Married At First Sight franchise, Pastor Cal and Viviana need to get him to focus on a reliable partner and not on continuing to be the “life of the party.”

MAFS cast member, Jamie Otis addressed why there had been no same-sex couples before now, “I’m not going to lie, I have definitely chatted with the production company about why do we not have older couples and why don’t we have same-sex or more interracial couples, I know that ‘Married at First Sight’s American version would love to show that diversity. It just comes down to the logistics of casting, from what I’ve been told, and who’s actually applying and things of that nature.”

Fans have been asking this season where our experts are, we think we may have our answer. If the experts were busy with the 16 hopefuls, this makes sense why they weren’t there this season for Paige Williams who really needed their help. So at the mercy of season 12, it appears they taped this season of Unmatchables.

What do you think of the new cast of Married at First Sight: Unmatchables? Will you be watching on Wednesday, April 21? Do you have anyone that you are rooting for?

Stay tuned to Married at First Sight on Lifetime and keep checking here frequently for all the latest news, updates, and gossip about all your Married at First Sight cast and spinoffs!

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