‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Dr. Now Reveals His Diet Book Excerpts On Instagram

My 600-Lb. Life

'My 600-Lb. Life' Dr. Now Reveals His Diet Book Excerpts On InstagramMy 600-Lb. Life Dr. Nowzaradan soared to fame on the TLC show. Known as Dr. Now, this Houston-based weight loss M.D. became known for guiding his reality TV show patients to slim-down success. As a result, Dr. Now, as he’s known on the show, kept getting asked for the diet that he gives his patients.

Wishing you had a copy of his diet just in time for swimsuit season? Dr. Now has written a weight loss book, and he’s been sharing excerpts on his Instagram. Read on for the skinny on the diet he recommends for his patients both on and off the show.

What Do My 600-Lb Life Stars Have To Do Before Getting Surgery?

On his Instagram page, Dr. Now noted that he gets many questions asking for “the Dr. Now Diet.” However, he pointed out that although the diet is part of his newest book, the food plan is just part of the piece to weight loss success.

“The ‘diet plan’ is in my latest book,” added the “600-Lb Life” weight loss star.

But, he emphasized, it takes more than a diet plan to lose weight and keep it off.

“Diets don’t work,” stated Dr. Now. “Changing your eating habits and relationship with food is an important piece to losing excess weight.”

The reality TV star also revealed what his patients typically do before they can be considered for weight loss surgery:

● Follow a 1200-calorie restriction diet.
● Obey the pre-op guidelines, using the nutrition information and meal examples given.
● Comply with the “check-ins to monitor their health.”

Dr. Now Shares Weight Loss Book Excerpt

In an excerpt from his weight loss book on Instagram, the 600-Lb Life star also shared what the book contains, including an acronym to help readers remember the diet guidelines.

The book includes weight gain and weight loss, Dr. Now’s theories on the “current obesity epidemic,” nutrition basics, and nutrition labeling on foods. The diet physician also details how to develop healthy eating habits, including recipes and calories in different foods.

And he uses the acronym “FAT” to help readers and fans remember his rules:

● F stands for Frequency of eating in 24 hours.
● A stands for the Amount of food at each meal, both in terms of portion size and calories.
● T stands for the Type of food (or, as Dr. famously says, “There is no protein in mashed potatoes!”)

Former My 600-Lb Life Star Shares Diet Rules

One former My 600-Lb Life Star, L.B. Bonner, revealed exactly what Dr. Now told him to eat and to avoid in order to qualify for weight loss surgery. Bonner said that like the diet doctor’s other patients, he had to demonstrate his willingness to change by following the strict 1,200-calorie diet.

The food plan is high in protein, low in carbohydrates. Bonner also avoided foods on a list provided by Dr. Now. The “don’t eat these foods” list included:

● Treats high in sugar, such as chocolate, candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, and pie
● Foods high in calories, including nuts, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds
● Snacks high in carbohydrates, like potato chips and French fries
● Beverages high in sugar, including sodas and fruit juice

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