Royal Family News: Here’s How Kate Middleton Prevailed Where Meghan Markle Failed

Royal Family News: Here’s How Kate Middleton Prevailed Where Meghan Markle FailedBritish royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex made many claims and dropped many bombshells when she sat down to talk with Oprah Winfrey, master of the celeb confessional and mistress of the apology tour.

Some claims were outright falsehoods, some have been called into question, and some were so petty one wonders why she bothered.

Royal Family News: Why Didn’t Meghan Act on her Own Behalf?

One of her whines was that she received no formal education on how to be a royal. Which may explain why she failed. She had one job, to be a royal. Why she didn’t seek training on her own was not a question put forth by Oprah who lobbed softballs to the couple (Harry was trotted out to talk only after Meghan had her say) but knew when to juice the more salacious claims.

Some critics doubt Meghan’s claim but Andrew Morton, the royal biographer who wrote the blockbuster bio of Princess Diana, Diana: Her True Story, says that Kate Middleton encountered a similar situation.

He says that she first joined the royal family there was no Office of Education On How to be a Proper Royal in place. And yet she managed.

In fact, under apparent circumstances similar to what Meghan had, Kate found a way to flourish and win the hearts of the citizens.

Royal Family News: There is No Formal Princess Training But Maybe There Should Be Poor Meghan. She clacked to Oprah, “Nobody told me about the national anthem.”

“Quite frankly, they don’t tell you,” Morton explained. “It’s not like there’s a school for princesses where you sit there and go through the procedures from A to Z. You learn it at the knee. You learn it from experience.” Apparently Meghan was not able to; at any rate there is no chance for her now because she quit the royal family.

Morton added,even Catherine Middleton, the point I’d make about her is that yes, she had the support of her family, and yes, she was British and knew what was expected, but nobody can prepare you for the level of intensity and the level of interest in you.”

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Was an Actress

Except that Meghan was, and probably still is at heart, an actress. She should have been used to scrutiny, especially since she paraded herself around in barely there lingerie dresses on her game show gig Deal or No Deal. They say there are no small roles, only small actors. Meghan seems to have confirmed that in her own words.

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  2. Larry Orth says

    Kate is a class act, compared to the Hollywood queen.

  3. Ellen mitchell says

    Kate. Middleton and William have shown themselves to be a class act and a valuable addition to the Royal Family. I believe Megan has planned this exit since before she married. She tried to appear as though she had no support, though the Queen treated her well…..that leans towards a bit of untruth in and of itself. I never will believe she was suicidal. She tried her best to emulate the Princess Diana’s very rough travel emotionally in her life as a Royal. The big difference is Princess Dianna was a very young and somewhat innocent girl when she was introduced into the family but Megan had biracial parents, been married, and divorced, and had an acting career which should have made her a stronger person then she let herself appear to be. She knew Harry would fall for all of that because of his great love and loyalty to his mother. She took him away from his family, his work, his country, and his life. He said in that interview he never felt trapped before but Megan showed him how trapped he was. What a piece of work. They are well rid of her but I am sure their concern, love, and feeling of loss is for Harry. It is an unfortunate mess.

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