Royal Family News: Mike And Carole Middleton To Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral – Why It’s Wrong And Awkward

Royal Family News: Mike And Carole Middleton To Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral - Why Its Wrong And AwkwardBritish Royal family news reveals even though Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral will be limited to just 30 people, there’s a new report that says Prince William, Duke of Cambridge asked Kate Middleton’s parents, Mike and Carole Middleton, to come support him at his grandfather’s service. And while the gesture might have been a nice one, does this really make sense? Or better yet, why is Prince William even asking or needing their support to begin with? Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William Asked Mike And Carole Middleton To Come To Prince Philip’s Funeral: Here’s Why That’s Wrong And Awkward

According to Page Six, reports from London say the Duke of Cambridge asked his parents-in-law to be there by his side during Prince Philip’s funeral this upcoming Saturday. And while the report has not been confirmed, a lot of royal critics can’t even help but wonder if this makes sense, given that there’s only space for 30 people at the service. Are Carole and Mike Middleton really that important or better yet, how well did they even know Prince Philip while he was still alive? Needless to say, inquiring minds want to know.

If that weren’t enough, there’s some speculation that Prince William might be doing this on purpose, knowing that his brother Prince Harry is going to be there. Either William is trying to build a Middleton Wall around him, or he really does want to one-up his brother by surrounding himself with as much support from his wife’s family as possible. But why Prince William needs that support, is what everyone wants to know.

British Royal News: Will The Middletons Be There?

Of course, Prince Philip’s funeral will be the first time William and Harry will have seen each other in well over a year and of course, after Harry and Meghan’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, where spilled all their tea about the royal family. Clearly, Prince William is not going to want to face his brother at a funeral, and in front of the entire world, no less. Whether Prince William is playing games of if he is in need of emotional support, no one might never know. But if there’s anything that critics do know, it’s that these kind of moves on both Harry and William’s sides, are royally petty. Do you agree?

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  1. Irene Martinez says

    I do think that Prince William’s in laws should be qualified to attend the funeral services of Price Phillip and to show their respect as I’m certain that over the years they have gotten to know Prince Philip at the holiday dinners they attended.

  2. Jan Darrow says

    No I don’t agree! I think if William has the ok of his family to have his in-laws at the funeral, then why not! The hell with Harry! He made his choice to step away and to air dirty linen with a tell all interview. What he did was disgraceful and he should be ashamed of himself.

  3. Jana Pastorino says

    I think it’s very appropriate for them to be invited. They have know Prince Phillip for what 11-12 years?? Not sure why you feel the need to fuel the fire and what business is it if yours?? They can have the people there that are important to them . I’m sure William had the queens permission. Why would it have anything to do with Harry??? Stop trying to cause problems where there isn’t any.

  4. Kimball Bergeron says

    They are not in the Queens list of 30 who will be attending

  5. Carol says

    I think this is no time or place to play petty games. If William is doing this to get back at his brother it is childish and shows a lack of maturity that would be needed to be king!
    Harry is a grandson of the man and should not be mistreated at this time. ALL he dId was decide to have another life away from the restrictions and protocol. He is never going to be King and as a human being should have the right to live his life as he sees fit.

  6. Sue says

    I think having the Middleton’s there is a statement that William has a large family around him, and he will survive without Harry. Kate will eventually be the Queen and her parents are important to both William and Kate.

  7. Linda says

    Carol I believe totally with your comments. Instead of acting like grown men they are acting like children. Prince Harry deserves a life that makes him happy as well as his family. Apparently William has chosen the life he wants so what’s wrong with Prince Harry having his? Moving on would help the family relationships and the Queen would be able to enjoy time with her grandchildren.

  8. Helen says

    Leave Harry alone leave Harry alone let him live his life. William please grow up

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