Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Nicknames Danielle ‘Large Wife’ And Roberta ‘Petite Wife’

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Nicknames Danielle 'Large Wife’ And Roberta 'Petite Wife'Seeking Sister spoilers and updates reveal Danielle Merrifield is going through a hard time on the show following her divorce from her husband, Garrick Merrifield, and trying to balance up her life especially with a new included member of the family, her sister-wife, Roberta. With everything going on, this is not the right time for Garrick to make jokes that have provoked the reality show’s fans. The major issue is him calling Danielle his ‘large wife’ and Roberta his ‘petite wife’.

Seeking Sister Spoilers – Garrick, Danielle and Roberta Merrifield

This season of Seeking Sister Wife is like a mash-up with a 90 Day Fiancé, and the only way Roberta could be welcomed to the U.S is through a K-1 visa. Garrick and Danielle had to get a divorce to enable Roberta to get into the country because a K-1 visa is a spousal visa that requires the couple to get married before moving to the country.

Garrick and Danielle explained on the show how important it was for the three of them that they get a divorce to be able to welcome Roberta into their family. They have gone through the divorce and they are now ready to welcome the Brazilian queen into their house.

The Merrifield Family Plan an Intimate trip

The family has decided to plan a trip out to spend more quality time together. They have not been able to spend time together as they are always accompanied by their two sons and Roberta’s mother.

Danielle seems excited about spending time with her husband and sister-wife, but it seems her husband likes to spend more time with his new wife which is quite upsetting for Danielle. The two wives get along well which is surprising to fans and Danielle expects Garrick to share his time equally with both his wives.

However, Garrick was quite unaware of his actions and was very excited to spend time with both his wives while on the trip. He has been doing his best to make Roberta comfortable in the new arrangement and get along well with her. But instead, it looks like Garrick is more into Roberta than Danielle. This led to Garrick’s statement of Danielle being his ‘large wife’ and Roberta being his ‘petite wife’. Fans are unsure of what he means with this statement but they are unhappy about the statement.


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Seeking Sister Updates – Fans Reaction to Mr. Merrifield’s Statement

Garrick Merrifield has not been the fans’ favorite as they feel he only wants to have a relationship with many other women without any religious connection.

Fans on social media have shown their displeasure saying Garrick’s description of his wives was not appropriate. Most fans have even called Garrick to apologize to his wives for such a rude statement, stating that it was a terrible way to treat his wives.

Fans have commented on the trailer of the latest episode that Sister Wives is majorly about the husbands finding excuses to have sex with younger women without guilt. Some even called Garrick a manipulator.

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  3. Feances says

    I pray that Danielle Merrifield gets out of the situation
    She is in with Garrick and Roberta. It’s very distructive and is not going to end In a healthy relationship for her and her children.

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