Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Son Paedon Is A Natural Nurturer

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Son Paedon Is A Natural NurturerSister Wives star Christine Brown recently welcomed her grandchild into the world. Mykleti and Tony Padron finally increased their family by one. Cute as a button, the whole Brown family seems totally delighted with Avalon. Now that Christine shared photos of her eldest son Paedon with Avalon, fans agree he looks like a natural nurturer. Perhaps because he’s so big, and the baby’s so small, he looks very sweet with his niece.

Sister Wives Grandchild The Darling Of Christine Brown’s Family

Many TLC fans agree that Paedon seems like a very nice young man. Despite a brief clash with Audrey Kriss and his half-sister, Mariah, he seldom ripples the waters in the family. In fact, he grows in popularity despite not really featuring on the Sister Wives show for ages. He’s the sort of man who gives out kindly advice to his fans, even though he doesn’t need to. He once told a fan who landed first on his post to, “go on and help someone else be first in their own life.”

Now that the Sister Wives daughter, Mykleti added Avalon to the family, Paedon made time to love his brand new niece. Avalon was born on Monday, April 5, so she’s only about 21 days old. Judging by photos from Christine, the new baby’s fast become the darling of the family. One of her photos revealed her daughter Truely holding her niece. Now, it’s Peadon’s turn and fans agree he looks very sweet with her.

Natural Nurturer, Paedon Looks Like A Giant Next To Avalon

Always tall, Sister Wives star Paedon joined the National Guard and bulked up even more. In fact, he towers over everyone else in the family. Well, when it comes to baby Avalon, he looks simply huge. When she shared her photos, Christine captioned them with, “So sweet seeing my huge son, @paedonbrown holding Avalon!” One photo showed him holding Avalon on his lap. The other one revealed him napping on the couch with Avalon on his chest.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Son Paedon Is A Natural Nurturer

Paedon’s so long that the two-seater simply can’t contain his legs. Sister Wives fans thought he looked adorable. One follower commented, “So cute and Paedon looks like a natural nurturer there. He’ll make a great dad one day.” Another fan recalled, “Paedon has always loved babies! I remember episodes of him carrying Truly & Solomon. So sweet. ❤️”

Huge But Very Cute, Sister Wives Fans Agree

Most TLC fans told Christine Brown that the photos look very “cute.” Meanwhile, others noted that Paedon probably ends up being Avalon’s “favorite uncle.” Then, others talked about how Paedon looks like a “gentle giant.” One fan wrote, “She looks so tiny next to your son. Napping with baby is so wonderful. ❤.”

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