Sister Wives Janelle Brown’s Daughter Savanah Brown Shares A Rare Instagram Photo

Sister Wives Janelle Brown's Daughter Savanah Brown Shares A Rare Instagram PhotoSister Wives star Savanah only posted up nine photos since she opened her account in July 2019. Her very first post came on Independence day soon after she turned 14. Now 16, she turns 17 at the end of this year. In 2021, so far, Janelle’s daughter only posted up three photos. So, her rare pictures draw some attention from TLC fans. On April 16, she shared one of her with her mom, and she looked very pretty, fans agreed.

Sister Wives – Savanah Brown Mostly Stays Quiet On Social Media

Perhaps because her family makes the headlines so often, Savanah never posts much on social media. Certainly, her half-sister Gwendlyn, a few years older than her posts much more. Often, they come as very serious posts about social and LGBTQ awareness. In March, Savanah shared a rare selfie and fans thought she looked so attractive. Actually, even on the show, she stays around the edges of the family rather than plonking herself in the middle of all the attention.

Kody Brown and his second wife, Janelle produced six children. Sister Wives star Savanah is the youngest of them. Her siblings include her older sister Maddie Brown Brush. Then she has four brothers, Logan, Garrison, Hunter, and Gabe. Of all of them, Maddie uses her Instagram the most, but the boys, like Savanah, seldom post much at all. Maybe they take after their dad Kody, who mostly goes on social media only during their season on TLC.

Rare Photo Of Savanah With Her Mom, Janelle

Sister Wives teen Savanah seems so retiring and quiet that you might recall seeing her at Maddie’s wedding to Caleb Brush. Too old to be a flower girl, she didn’t even feature as a bridesmaid. However, she seems like a sweet-natured young woman and that shows clearly in the photo of her with her mom this Friday. Taken by Janelle, her youngest child said she went with her mom to Phoenix.

It sounds like Sister Wives’ daughter Savanah and Janelle prefer slightly warmer weather than Flagstaff. So, they went down to Phoenix together over the weekend. She noted, “[Flagstaff’s] pretty chilly, so it was nice to go down and enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine.” Actually, they looked relaxed in light clothing. Fans loved the photo and especially complimented her on her beautiful hair. Meanwhile. other TLC fans noticed her “beautiful eyes.”

Quality Time With Janelle

Janelle and her daughter looked so happy together, that people couldn’t help but notice that they get along really well. It’s nice to see teenagers enjoying quality time with their moms. A follower said, “What a blessing to share some quality time with your amazing momma!” Hopefully, they both enjoyed a wonderful weekend down in Phoenix, Arizona. Maybe her mom shares a few more photos of her with her beautiful daughter soon.

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